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Netgear C3000 Setup: The Wise Whys And Whole Hows

Netgear is insanely popular among the networking devices of today. More and more people are engaging in the Netgear devices for their computing now, be it routers, extenders, modems and so on and guess what, they are benefitted. Netgear has recently launched their C3000 model of router which offers you all the latest features including the repeater option. Therefore, if you have availed a new Netgear C3000, then you need to know the rules for Netgear C3000 setup. Have a look at the article to know the ways for Netgear C3000 setup.   

Why Netgear C3000 Setup is a Must?

You need a Netgear wireless setup due to various reasons. Take a look at some of the reasons where you need a Netgear router setup:

  • If you have accidentally misconfigured your router settings, then you might require a Netgear C3000 setup.
  • A change in the IP Address by the internet service provider needs a setup again to update the changes.
  • A change in the MAC Address and the Default Gateway by the internet service provider also needs a setup.
  • Moreover, if you have bought a new Netgear C3000 router, then you obviously require a setup.  

How to Setup Netgear C3000 Router?

If you are confident about yourself, then you can perform the Netgear C3000 setup by yourself. If you are without an internet connection, your work gets disrupted. This can be quite annoying at times. Therefore, glimpse through the article to know the hacks.

Netgear login

The login procedure is the fundamental step towards setting up your router. You need a perfect internet connection to run the process flawlessly. Then open the web browser of your computer. After that, type the following in the search box: and press the Enter button. Then, the Netgear login page will show up on your desktop. There, type the valid username and password in the respective fields. After that, hit the “Login” button to enter the Netgear Login Wizard.  

Configuring Netgear Router

At first, you have to log in to the Netgear Wizard by giving the correct username and password. After that, the Netgear Setup Wizard appears on your screen. There you have to go to the “Router Setup” option present at the left pane. Now, click on the “Dynamic IP” option to correctly give the configuration of the Netgear laptop. In the configuration, you have to type the IP Address, MAC Address, Subnet Mask, and the Default Gateway of your internet connection. You can get the values of the field from your internet service provider. After filling the respective boxes, click on the Save button and then, click on the “OK” button. This will save the changes you have made. Logout from the Netgear Setup Wizard by going to the left pane and select the “Logout” option. Restart your system and see if the internet connection is working or not. You can check it by searching anything on the web browser.

Reset the Netgear Router

  1. First of all, you need a pointed material like a pencil or a pen. Then, press the Reset button situated at the side of the Netgear router or at the backside of the router.
  2. You have to press the Reset button for about 15 to 20 seconds.
  3. This will reset your router and the router will start again.
  4. After that, you need to go to the login page and give the password and username.
  5. Then,, type the correct IP Address, MAC Address, and the Subnet Mask in the Netgear Setup Wizard.
  6. Hit the “Save” button and then the OK button respectively.
  7. Now, log out of the Netgear Wizard and see if the internet connection is working or not.

Update the Network Driver

In some cases, if you still find no internet connection, then it is better to update the network driver of your computer. Have a look at the steps to update the Network driver.

  1. Press the Windows button from the keyboard. Then type “Device Manager” in the Start search box and hit the Enter button.
  2. The Device Manager window opens on the screen of your computer showing a list of all the drivers installed in your system.
  3. There, you need to locate the “Network adapter” option and right-click on it.
  4. A drop-down menu will appear where you have to select the “Update” option. Make sure you have a perfect internet connection to update the network driver of your computer.
  5. Wait until the process is complete and then restart your device.

Uninstall the Network Driver

  1. Click on the Start button present at the left side of the taskbar.
  2. Then type Device Manager in the search field. The Device Manager option will appear.
  3. Select the option. Soon, the Device Manager window will show up on the screen.
  4. There you will see all the drivers present in your device. Find out the option “Network adapters” and click on it.
  5. You will see the name of your Ethernet connection present there. Then right-click on that and choose the “Uninstall” option from the drop-down menu.

This will uninstall the Network driver of your system. Make sure you have a perfect internet connection throughout the process. Wait until the process ends. Then, you need to download the Network adapter from the Microsoft website and reinstall it again to avail the internet connection in your machine