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How To Move Apps To SD Card Android- Detailed Guide To Resolve

Nowadays Android application is common in any smartphone. In every device which comes with a built-in Android OS, you can find a memory allocated. Moreover, this memory can also be expanded by adding an external memory card. Hence, if the device memory gets full, then the device restricts many functions and also slows down the system performance. The key reason for this problem is the additional installed Apps, which occupies much space in your device. If this is the case, then you need to search for solutions for how to move apps to SD card Android. Go through this article to learn the complete process for this.

Nowadays, how to move apps to SD card is a common query among users. Without the latest applications, you cannot make use of your device completely. Hence, it is essential to move some apps to sd card in order to get an optimal performance of your PC.

How To Move Apps To SD Card Android?

To learn the process, read this below instruction thoroughly.

Method 1: Enable SD Card As An Internal Storage

The steps for changing the storage location of the Android device is very simple.

Click On Setup> Phone Storage

For this, at first, insert a new SD card in the memory slot of your device. On doing this, a New SD Card notification window will appear. Click on “Set Up” from this. Now, the next window will ask “How will you use the SD card?” with two different options below:

  • Use for extra phone storage
  • Use for portable storage

Hit on the “Phone storage” box which is present under the “Use for extra phone storage” section. On doing this, the SD card will get encrypted with your phone device. Remember on doing this, the memory card will get encrypted with your device. So, you may not be able to use that SD card with other devices, it can be used with the same device only.

Settings> >Storage Settings> Format As Internal

Alternatively, open the Settings on your device. Next, by tapping down this window get the Storage option and select on it. Next, from these available storage options, select the SD card and tap on the menu button. After that, from the available menu list select on Storage Settings> Format as internal.

Further, on this opening screen, select “Format SD Card”/ “Erase & Format” to wipe your card. Some of the Android devices only allow this process to move the total content (including apps) of your device. After that, tap on the Move Content to end the task.

Only the Adoptable Storage feature enabled phone users are available to perform this process of how to move apps to SD card Android. If your device does not allow this process then, proceed with the next method.

Method 2: How To Move Apps To SD Card Android Manually

All the app developers are not able to enjoy this process to use the Application on your device from the SD card storage. Leaving this exceptional application aside, go to those applications which allows you to do this. So, let us discover the process.

Utilize Settings Menu

At first, open the Settings screen of your Android device. Then, under this Settings screen, search for “Apps” (in some versions, the path is Apps & notifications> App info), and hit on it. On doing this, all the system installed applications list will be visible on your screen. From this installed applications list search to get the application whichever you want to move into your SD card storage and tap on it.

Storage> Change> Move

After tapping on the application then, click on Storage. After that, if you find that the Change option is active, then this indicates that the application can be replaced into your SD card. Now, hit on the Change tab, this will open the Change storage dialog box. From this dialog box, select the SD card option. Now, a confirmation screen will pop up in front of you. Tap on Move to confirm the process.

Hope, by going through this article, you will get to learn the complete process of how to move apps to SD card Android. By applying this you can free up most of the space on your Android device. This is also a very good process for those who want to access multiple apps in their Android gadget. Hope, now you can perform many more useful tasks from your single Android device.

Every application is not safe to install in your SD card device. It may harm your SD card very badly and you will not be able to use it further on any other device.

Many of the App developers are not allowed to perform this task of moving the apps to SD card. Keeping this in mind, let us proceed to the steps for those applications which can be enabled to use by moving into the SD card storage.

Many Android installed devices may not allow to change the location of the Apps which are installed previously while some allows. Here, you will get the complete process to move apps to SD card.