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Most Common HBO Max Errors and What Do They Mean

Are you looking at an error message on your HBO Max app, and you don’t know what it means?

Or, maybe there is a specific error code that keeps popping up, and you want to know what it means?

If you keep on firing your HBO Max after running into difficulties, you are not alone. There are so many subscribers dealing with bugs, crashes among other HBO Max issues. There’s a whole list of common HBO Max errors.

Guess what?

These errors have meanings.  If you have subscribed to HBO Max, it’s your right to watch that favourite movie or series at the time most convenient for you.

You don’t want your movie or series to be interrupted because of a technical issue. It is essential to know these errors in HBO Max and their solutions.

Read on to check out all common HBO Max errors that may hinder you from getting the best experience when streaming HBO Max in Australia and everywhere you are in the world.

Common HBO Max Errors in Australia and How to Fix Them

You will likely see HBO max errors when you try to stream online in Australia.

If you are having trouble with your HBO Max stream, here are the most common errors and how to fix them.

HBO Max App Keeps Crashing

The HBO Max app keeps crashing after you have installed it on your device. Here are some common issues with the application and how to fix them;

  1. Your Device is not compatible with HBO Max App. Some devices are not compatible with the HBO Max app. You need to check whether your device is compatible or not. If it is not, you can purchase a new one compatible with the app.
  2. There’s no internet connection. You can make sure your internet connection is stable before watching the content.  Also, you can change to another WI-FI connection if the one you are using is giving you slow speed because of the activities.
  3. You are using an old version. An old HBO Max app is prone to crashing. You need to update the application on your device as soon as a new version is released. If you keep using an old version, you will likely get many errors. The older the application, the more problems you get.

HBO Max Sound Not Working

This is another common error among HBO Max users. It may not necessarily mean your sound is not working.

The first thing to do is turn up the volume of your device. Also make sure your device is not on mute. If the problem persists, you can change to another movie to check whether the movie has sound. If it does, it means there is a problem with the stream.

You can also plug in the headphone to see if you can hear the sound via the headphone. If there is sound, then it means there is a problem with your device speakers.

Also, ensure you are using the latest version of HBO Max. This app has its updates, where the developers keep on fixing several errors. If using your PC, ensure the browser is up to date.

HBO Max Buffering Issue

There are so many reasons why HBO Max has buffering issues. They include;

  1. Your internet connection is too slow. The primary reason this error occurs in the HBO Max application is due to low internet speed. You should get a higher-speed internet connection to ensure you get uninterrupted service. For instance, for best 4K streaming experience, a 50+Mbps would do.  Generally, to stream without buffering issues, you need a minimum of 5 Mbps.
  2. There’s a problem with the HBO Max app. Another reason why HBO max buffering error occurs is due to a problem with the HBO Max app. You can uninstall and reinstall the application on your device or switch to another browser to check whether the application is causing the issue.
  3. You’re using an old version of the HBO Max app. Always ensure you are using the latest version of the HBO Max app to avoid this problem. If you use an old version, you will keep experiencing errors.

HBO Max Error Code 321

The error code 321 is prevalent on the HBO Max app on Samsung Smart TV, Android devices, and Amazon Fire TV.

These error codes mean that there is an issue with your connection that HBO Max App cannot handle.

You can try the following troubleshooting options to resolve this error:

  • Perform a Soft Reboot: Locate the power button on your device (remote, TV panel, etc.) and perform a soft reboot.
  • Check your internet connection: Make sure you have a stable and fast internet connection.
  • Install the latest version of HBO Max App: The latest version of HBO Max App should resolve this issue.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app: In some cases, you might need to uninstall and install the HBO Max App on your device. Open HBO Max App > Go to Your Account > Uninstall the app and then re-download it from Google Play Store or App Store.

Bottom Line

There are several HBO max errors. However, the most common ones can be resolved quickly. All you need to do is follow the above steps. It should help you to understand what’s going on with the HBO Max error code, what you can do about it, and how to avoid them in the future.