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Use Miracast For Windows 10 With Easy Tips

Miracast is an advanced application by which you can caste your doings replica on a larger screen. The broadcast happens wirelessly by connecting through WiFi. This technology is generally used while discussing project details in a company. However, if your Miracast not working in Windows 10 then no need to fret. In this article, you will get the total guidelines for using Miracast for Windows 10.

In earlier days the wire connection was a necessity to connect one device to the other. With introduction of Miracast technology, the wire connection gets canceled to connect one device to the other.

Updated versions of Operating Systems including the Windows 10 devices have the inbuilt Miracast technology. It also allows you to transfer high-quality videos along with a good sound quality.


How To Check The Availability Of The Presence Of Miracast For Windows 10?

Apply both these the below said applications to check whether your device supports Miracast technology or not.


Procedure 1: Utilizing The Command Prompt

At first, open the Run Command box by pressing the Windows key  R simultaneously.

Now on this Run box bar type cmd and hit on the Enter button to open the Command Prompt window. After that on this black background screen type this below command and hit on the Enter button to execute.

netsh wlan show drivers

As this above command gets executed on the Command Prompt window then at the below of this window you will visit a status. If the Miracast support your device then the status will be as “Wireless Display Supported: Yes (Graphics Driver: Yes, Wi-Fi Driver: Yes)”.


Procedure 2: Using Shortcut Keys

First of all press the four flag symbol Windows key and the letter P at the same time. In doing this, you will see a right-hand sidebar will open. From this sidebar click on Connect to a wireless display. Then it will search for the connections to connect automatically.

Now open the Run command box by using the Windows key along with the letter R. Then on the Run bar type dxdiag and then tap on OK to open DirectX Diagnostic Tool screen. After that hit on Save All Information box and then on Save to save DirectX Diagnostic Tool in a suitable location. As this saving process gets over then close all the opening windows.

Next, open the downloaded DirectX Diagnostic Tool by clicking twice on it by going to its location. By doing this, you can get the status of your device that whether it supports Miracast Technology or not. And if it supports then the message displayed on this screen is Miracast: Available, with HDCP.

By applying these above-explained procedures if you find that your device can support Miracast for Windows 10 then stay glued with this article. By reading this article, you will be able to learn how to use Miracast for Windows 10.


How To Setup And Use Miracast For Windows 10?

To use Miracast for Windows 10 follow this below instructions.

As your Display system comes with built-in Miracast support. So, at first turn it on. Otherwise, attach the hardware adapter into the HDMI port of your TV and then turn it on.

After turning on the television Miracast switch then go to the computer device. Take the mouse cursor to the Windows icon and then right click on it. After doing this from the available options pick the Settings option. Then under this Settings window click on Devices and then under this section hit on Connected devices option from the left panel. Next, from the right panel of this window click on Add a device and then wait until the adapter appears in the menu. Further tap on the receiving adapter to finish this process.

After ending this above process, then to configure the display press the Windows and letter P key together. By selecting the correct option from the on-screen instruction, you can use the Miracast technology on your device.

After following these procedures further if Miracast does not work then follow this below solutions.


Solutions For Windows 10 Miracast Not Working

If you find that the Miracast fail to work work for your supporting device, you can follow this below solutions which may help you to resolve this issue.
Firstly, check the network connection and as well as the device drivers. If the Display and the Wi-Fi drivers are not up to date, then it may be a reason for this not working problem of Miracast. To resolve this, you need to upgrade your Display and Wi-Fi drivers so that your system can support Wi-Fi direct. If this process does help you to fix this problem, then follow this below lines.

If this above process does not help you then try to use another Adapter. The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is the recommend adapter to use. By applying an advance adapter, you may visit that this not working Windows 10 Miracast problem gets resolved.