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Microwave Oven Repair – Avoid Damaging Your Microwave Oven

Microwave oven repairs are among the most common types of appliance repair performed by home handymen and do-it-yourselfers. But before you jump into attempting to repair your microwave, you should understand how it works first. Heat it up in the microwave! This article on microwave oven repair explains how a microwave oven actually works, what frequently goes wrong with appliances, how to quickly identify a microwave oven trouble, and what tools and parts you’ll need to repair it.

A microwave oven is designed to generate microwave radiation that cooks food evenly. This results in a food item being cooked in one fell swoop with very little work required. The trouble is that not all microwaves function in the same manner, which is where the need for microwave oven repair comes in. Some microwave ovens are not designed for use by amateurs or inexperienced people and require some sort of test equipment to “make sure” they operate properly before using them. In other cases, the problem may simply be one of electrical interferences; in that case, you’ll simply have to replace the part or fix the wiring to correct the problem.

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If your microwave oven repair needs to be more involved, you’ll have to find a technician with both knowledge and skill to handle the task. There are basically two types of technicians – electrical and mechanical. Electrical technicians must use special high voltage equipment to fuse in or repair conductive elements such as the microwave door seals. They usually charge by the hour. However, since many repair shops are run by the owner/operating division, they tend to offer competitive rates. On the other hand, since most mechanical technicians are employed by brand manufacturers, they are often less expensive than electrical technicians who work from their own shop.

Whether you opt to pay the bucks to have someone else do the work or make sure to do it yourself, there are some things to consider before beginning. First of all, you need to make sure that the microwave oven repair shop has access to the exact model number of microwave you have. Ask how many years it’s been since any other technicians have handled the same make and model of microwave. And make sure they can fix your particular problem. Ask if they have replacement parts in stock and if so, how much it will cost to have them shipped to you.

In addition, good working knowledge of microwave ovens comes in handy when talking to technicians. How well do they know their equipment? How many years of experience do they have? Are they certified? These are important factors to consider when trying to find a good working Microwave Oven Repair service.

Once you’ve located a service near you that can provide you with good working knowledge and experience in Microwave Oven Repair, it’s time to start your search. Go to one of the websites that offer these services. Read through their FAQ page(s) and make sure to check if they have a section about Microwave Oven Repair that answers common questions such as what causes the door latch to malfunction. You don’t want to find out after you’ve called them that the only solution is a new microwave oven door. On the other hand, if you’re lucky and the technician is friendly and seems to know his stuff, you may get the answers you seek on your own.

One of the most common problems for microwaves, particularly the older models, is the magnetic interference. This occurs when there’s an electric current, either from static electricity or perhaps from static energy caused by switching power sources, which goes through the diode, and it disrupts the electron flow in the semiconductor device. The interference then causes the current to change, causing the alarm to ring. One of the common ways this happens is when the door opens slightly but no motion is detected by the diode. In this case, one of the common microwave oven repairs is to place a piece of cardboard or wood between the door and the diode, or to use a diode detector to locate the problem.

If, however, the problem goes beyond that level and the door or the diode is seriously damaged, it could be harder to diagnose and to repair. That’s why it’s good to consult a professional Microwave Oven Repair service. The last thing you want is to get yourself into a serious situation because you try to fix something that isn’t actually broken! A Microwave Oven Repair specialist will know what to do and how to do it, so that you don’t end up spending more money than is necessary.