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Machine Check Exception Windows 10

Machine Check Exception is a hardware error occurring on multiple Windows Operating System including Windows 10. The blue screen of death message can appear and their system restarts automatically. These messages can be a problem to your PC.

Machine check Exception Windows 10 can cause by not updating software or hardware drivers, CPU fans and other things. In this article, we are sharing some solutions on how to fix this problem.

Effective Solutions to Fix Machine Check Exception

Following these solutions, you can easily fix the Machine Check Exception in Windows 10.

Solution 1- Remove your DVD and hardware Drivers

Remove your DVD and hardware DriversMachine Check Exception is a hardware error of computers. If you see a blue screen and also see the error message, at first, you need to remove the DVD or other connected hardware drivers. Sometimes, when updating Windows 10 Operating System, you can face the same problem. Disconnect all the hard drives that you have installed. Furthermore, you can check again whether the problem is still there or not.


Solution 2- Check Drivers Update

Check Drivers UpdateUpdating the drivers is the best solution to fix the problem. At first, you check whether all hardware drivers are up to date or not. If they are not, you have to update your drivers so that you can fix the problem. First, download the latest updated version of drivers and install on your computer.

Solution 3- Restore your System

Restore your SystemRestoring your System is the best solution to fix the problem. If you restore your device you can easily solve the problem. If you are using Windows 10, at first, go to “Control Panel” and click on view by Small icons. Select “System” and click on “System Protection”. After opening this page you can see an option “System Restore” and click on it. Now click on “Next”. Now select a Restore Point and click on “Next”. Now, you can see “Finish” option and click on it and also click “Yes” to confirm the restore. After restoring, restart your device and also see changes are happening.

Solution 4- Check CPU and Power Supply Fans

Check CPU and Power Supply FansThis is another solution to fix the problem. Sometimes, your computer or laptops fans may be slow for the dust. Then, you can face this problem. At first, you open your CPU and then switch on the power button. If you see your computer or laptops fans are very slow, in that case, you need to clean them or replace that with a new one. After doing that, you will not face again this problem.

Solution 5- Boot Safe Mode

Boot Safe ModeSafe Mode is another way you can easily fix many problems with your computers or laptops. When you can not access your windows, you can boot your system into Safe Mode and fix this problem.

Solution 6- Run CHKDSK

Run CHKDSKWindows Check Disk is another solution to fix the problem. If you run your computer then the problem should be solved.

At first, you go to the search panel and type in “Cmd” and press Enter to open the Command Prompt window. Here, type in the command “chkdsk/r” and press Enter. Now the Command Prompt will scan your system and fix the problem.

Solution 7-  Update BIOS Or Reset BIOS Setting

Update BIOS Or Reset BIOS SettingBIOS is a Firmware. It helps to fix the problem. This error can fix by BIOS update or reset the BIOS setting. At first, you check that your system BIOS is updated or not. If it is not updated, you update BIOS or reset the BIOS Setting. To do that, follow these steps,

  • Go to “Setting” from the Start menu and click on it.
  • Once setting app opens, select “Update & security”. Then click on “Recovery” from the left menu.
  • Click on “Restart Now”. Then your computer will reboot.
  • Click on “Troubleshoot”, then click on “Advanced options”.
  • When advanced options open, select “UEFI Setting” then click on “Restart”.

After restarting, you will take to the BIOS.

Solution 8- Disable The LAN Adapter

Disable The LAN AdapterLAN adapter is a network adapter. In this order, you can disable the network adapter to fix the problem. At first, you need to press Windows Key + X and you can see Power User Menu. In this menu, you have to select Device Manager. When Device Manager is open you have to locate your network adapter and right-click and you can see “Disable” option from the menu and click on it.

After clicking, you need to Restart your system and check if the problem is solved or not. If the problem is resolved, you need to update the network adapter driver and enable it again. If it is not solved you have to replace the network adapter since it must have the fault in your system.

Solution 9- Check Faulty Hardware driver

If you are facing this problem, you need to check your system RAM, processor, motherboard and all other hardware drivers. Many people are facing this problem due to the faulty hardware driver. So make sure you need to check all the hardware drivers.

Note- Above these solutions will help you to fix the Machine Check Exception. If you have any queries then drop the comment here and it is our pleasure to help you as soon as possible.