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How to Login into Arris DG1670 Router: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Login into Arris DG1670 Router: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s era, Arris routers and modems are considered as one of the best network devices. This router is also known as the XB6 device. Moreover, it allows the device to connect with the web, home network, phone. 

To connect with other networks, you don’t need a separate wireless router.  So, if you are an existing cable TV systems user, then this router can be ideal for you.  As the DOCSIS 3.0 modem allows industry-standard facilitating high bandwidth data transfer.

Apart from that, this is multi-functional. Hence, you can make calls by using the Embedded Multimedia Terminal Technology. 

Here, you will get each and every information about the router login. You also have to connect multiple devices to configure the modem. 


  • A system must be connected to the home Wi-Fi.
  • To access the browser, you need a personal computer.

Steps that you Must Try Out to Log in Arris DG1670 Router:

Step 1: Launch a Web Browser

First, type the default IP address within the search bar or in the URL of the browser. The IP address is 

Step 2- Type the default Username and Password

After entering the correct IP address for the router, now you will notice the sign-in screen to enter the username and password. Use this router for the first time? Then you should type the default username and password. 

The default username is admin and default password is password. 

Step 3- Set up the Login Details

 Anybody can predict the default username and password. So, it is highly recommended to change the default username and password to secure the router from any suspicious login attempts.

While changing the username and password, follow the given points. 

  • While entering the password, use alphanumeric characters and special characters. The length of the password must be 8 to 16 characters.
  • Enter a simple password so that you can easily remember it.
  • Type an easy to remember username.
  • Lastly, somewhere write down the username and password 

 Step 4- Change the SSID

Inside the network tab, you will notice a different network name which is called service set identifier or SSID. By default, the name which appears is the manufacturer’s brand name. So here the SSID name must be DG 1670. 

 Hence, you might need to change the default SSID name. Otherwise, it will be easier for someone to guess the details information. 

Keep in mind the following points while changing the SSID name.

  • SSID name should be short and simple
  • To set the name of the router, never use any personal information

Step 5- Secure the Settings

Inside the default gateway check the encryption settings of the network. You have to set the encryption to the current industry settings. Which is WPA2-PSK. This offers the best security level to the router.

Issues and Fixes of Arris DG1670 router

Arris DG1670 Password Does not Work

The default password of the Arris DG1670 router is Admin. If it does not work, then there is a high chance that you or someone has changed it. In such a case, reset the router. In order to rest, press the reset button for almost 30 seconds.

Arris DG 1670 Router Password Does not work

Well, it seems to be a hard task to find the paper where you have noted down the password. In such a stage, contact with your Internet Service Provider and set a different set of default passwords. However, if nothing happens, reset the router.

How to Reset an Arris Modem?

It is a very easy procedure. Simply, press and hold down the reset button for almost 30 seconds. 

  • When the device is completely turned on, then press and hold down the reset button for some time.  For that, take a paperclip.
  • Keep holding the reset button and unplug the power cord of the Arris DG 1670 router. Then, press the reset button.
  • Keep holding the reset button, then turn on the power to the unit again and hold it for another 30 seconds.