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A Step by Step Guide for Linksys AC1900 Router Extender Setup

Many users have reported that they want to know the setup process of Linksys AC1900 router extender on their system. If you are one of them, then read this article carefully. This article provides all the information about the Linksys AC1900 router extender setup. After completing the entire process as given below, you can easily set it up on your system.

Different Processes for Linksys AC1900 Router Extender Setup

In the section below we are going to discuss the process of Linksys AC1900 Router Extender Setup.

Process 1 – By Using the Ethernet Cable

You can set up the Linksys AC1900 router from your system by using an Ethernet cable. To complete the setup process follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

At first, you need to use the Ethernet cable to connect the extender to the system.

Step 2

Then open the web browser and then go to the address bar and type the Press the Enter button.

Step 3

Now you should see the Linksys router login page. Log onto the setup page for the extender window and enter the name of the extender in the Name field. Next, put the same SSID number which you have received from your router into the SSID field. Go to the drop-down menu and select the same channel used by your router. Then tap on the Save option.

Step 4  

Select the same security settings as you have set on the wireless network for the extender. You should do this when network security is protected. Then tap on the Save Settings option.

Process 2 – Setting up as a Wireless Range Extender

With the help of Wi-Fi Protected Setup, you can easily install it in two modes. They are:

  • By pressing the WPS button which is present on your extender.
  • By using the official website of extender Linksys web-page.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

WPS is an easy process to connect the Wi-Fi devices to the network. If your router has a WPS button then go ahead with this.

  1. First, plug in the range extender into the power outlet near the router and then the indicator LED will blink green.
  2. Wait for sometimes for the range extender’s indicator LED to blink amber.
  3. Next, you need to extend your network 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. Press the WPS button on your router.
  4. Next, press the WPS button on your range extender. Now, you should see the WPS button light up and the indicator LED blink green. Now the connection between the range extender and router should be successful. If not, then you can go to the browser-based setup process.

Browser Based Setup Process

You can manually set up your Linksys AC 1900 range extender on your system. To do so, follow the given steps:

  1. Firstly, switch on the extender device. Status of power can be controlled using Power LED.
  2. With the help of Wifi mode or Ethernet cable, you can establish the connection between Linksys range extender and computer or laptop.
  3. Then launch any web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, on your computer.
  4. In the web browser window, go to the Address bar and type http://extender.linksys.com. Alternately, you can also type To complete the setup process follow the onscreen instructions carefully.
  5. After successfully setting up, choose one option such as Range extender or access point.
  6. Then choose a network to extend.
  7. Then put the Network name in the Name field and also require to put your router’s SSID number.
  8. After doing this, put the password of your home network. Then click on the Save setting option.
  9. Now, your Linksys range extender gets installed

We hope the above information is sufficient to complete the Linksys AC1900 router extender setup process. Follow the steps one-by-one and perform these steps on your system. In case you face any problem in performing the procedure, then you need to take expert help.