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Lexmark X4650 Printer Setup Process

In today’s era, the Lexmark X4650 Printer has taken over the market for its high-quality text output and good printing speed. Day by day people are dragged towards its advanced features. If you have already purchased a Lexmark x4650 printer for your purpose and stuck with the setup thereafter, then you will definitely find yourself lucky to stumble upon this article and with us. This is because we have listed down some practical steps which will surely make your task easier. Check them out:

Pre-installation Process

Before going to the complicated steps, some basic things you should keep in mind. They are:

  • The wireless network is set up and whether it works properly
  • If the system which you are using is connected with the same wireless network or not.
  • Locate where you want to configure the Lexmark x4650 printer
  • Connect the power cable with the Lexmark printer and then turn on your printer
  • Ensure that your computer and printer is fully ready
  • You should not insert the USB cable and also do not join the USB cable until you see the instructions on your computer screen.
  • In case, you don’t have a CD downloader, then we suggest you download it
  • You should temporarily join a USB cable between the wireless network and the printer
  • Configure your Lexmark x4650 printer
  • Connect the power cable to your Lexmark printer and turn the power on.

Items you Require

You need these items to this setup procedure.

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Lexmark x4650 printer with  USB connection
  • A WIreless network switch or a router

Now, keep an eye on the feasible steps to get easy with the setup procedure without any trouble.

Lexmark X4650 printer Setup: Easy Steps to Follow

Here are some steps that you should follow:

Locate the Lexmark Printer’s Mac Address

In the beginning, you have to find the MAc address of your printer. To do so, you have to go through the undermentioned steps:

  1. At first, you have to go to the Home Screen of the printer from there you have to navigate to the menu icon.
  2. After that, you should select the Report button and then, you need to  go to the Network Setup Page
  3. Within the Network Setup Page, you should look for the UAA
  4. Then, enter your printer information
  5. Then, open the open browser and from the Bookmark menu, you have to select on the show all bookmark option
  6. Under the collections, you need to right-click on the printer name
  7. Now, within the appropiate field, you should enter the network name
  8. In case, you are using an aces point, then you should select  Infrastructure as the Network Mode
  9. Then, choose the type of security that you want to use to protect your wireless network
  10. Enter all the security-related information for connecting the wireless network
  11. Finally, click on the submit button.

Then, proceed to the next step.

Configure the IP Address Manually

On most of the wireless network, the Lexmark x4650 printer will get the IP address automatically through the DHCP. During the wireless set up you have to manually assign an IP address to the Lexmark printer under the below situations:

  1. You need to manually assign the IP address for the other network device
  2. You have to assign a specific IP address
  3. You should move the Lexmark x4650 printer to a remote subnet

After that, you are done with the Lexmark x4650 printer setup procedure.

How to do Lexmark X4650 Printer Setup Procedure Without a CD?

Before moving with this step, it is necessary for you that you should know whether your Operating System is either a 32-bit or 64-bit. Then, follow the steps which are given below:

Step 1

You should connect your Lexmark printer to your system

Step 2

Now, go to the official website of the Lexmark printer, then search for your printer model version. After this, click Next to continue with the process.

Step 3

Once you have found your model version, then you need to click on the printer driver or software button

Step 4

Now, you have to select your  Operating System, After that, complete all the other things such as select the language, and so on.  After that, click on the download option.

Step 5

Thereafter, you need to search for the software that you have recently downloaded. Once you have found it, then double click on that.

Step 6

Then, choose Extract for opening the zip file content into a new folder

Step 7

Then, double click on the Setup option. After that, follow the online instructions to install the software on your system, After that, you should join the Lexmark x4650 printer with your computer when asked.

Step 8

Finally, tap on the finish button to exit the program and restart your machine and we believe that now you are done with the Lexmark x4650 printer setup process.

Hope that with the help of the above process you can quickly go through the setup procedure on your own and begin working with your new system or continue with your pending work. However, if you face any difficulties, then don’t waste your valuable time and trust in a reliable professional to resolve your queries without any hassle.