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Lexmark Forms Printer 2500 Setup In Simple Ways

Printers serve varied work requirements at home or at the workplace. When it comes to the most compatible printers to work with, Lexmark deserves a special mention. Lexmark Forms Printer 2500 offer advanced features to suit your diverse work purposes. No matter how good the printer is, you cannot make the most out of your device if you don’t know Lexmark Forms Printer 2500 Setup process. Of late, printer manufacturers have streamlined the setup procedure significantly.  Now, you don’t need to struggle much if you go through the guide carefully. We have come up with some unique yet effective steps whereby you can set your Lexmark printer at ease. Therefore, read on to explore more.

Best Guide for Lexmark forms Printer 2500 Setup

If you want to learn the basic steps to set your Lexmark printer up, go through the guidelines as underlaid below:

Setting the Printer Online or Offline

If you wish to set up your Lexmark printer 2500 online, you must ensure that your printer is connected to a stable internet connection. To set the printer online, at first, press the Start/Stop button. Then, you will find a flashlight which indicates that the printer is ready to function. If the paper tray is empty, the Paper Out light blinks. When the printer is connected to a stable network, it can now carry out the print jobs effectively. Again, to set the printer offline, press the Start/Stop. You will find the Ready light turns off when the printer completes printing on the present line and then stops. If you want to resume printing, press the Start/Stop option when the printer is ready to function.

Advancing the Paper

Here, you can use the Control Panel options to push the papers when the printer is not performing its job. Remember one thing, if you are printing on continuous forms and you press Line feed for the first time, it moves the paper from the Tear off position to the present print line before pushing the paper.

At first, press the Line feed to push the paper to the immediate next line.

Now, press the form feed in order to push the paper to the Top-off form on the next page or if you want to eject the cut form. In order to modify the tear-off position on the current page, you need to press the Line feed to move the paper. Next, press the Tear Off button in order to move the paper to the Top form.

These are some fundamental ways you can follow for the Lexmark forms printer 2500 Setup.

Final Note

Setting up of any printer is not a big deal these days. If you follow the guidelines properly, you can execute the process without a dint of worry. However, if you want further clarification, feel free to share with us.