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Kodak Verite 55 Eco Inkjet Wireless Multifunction Printer Setup: Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to the most advanced wireless and multifunctional printer, Kodak Verite 55 eco is a notable one. It is perhaps the most popular version of Kodak printers till date. The printer comes in handy with unique specifications, compact design and offers the ease of use that users generally look for. Hence, if you own this printer, you must derive the best out of it. What happens if you don’t know the exact process of Kodak Verite 55 eco inkjet wireless multifunction printer setup? You will not be able to operate it conveniently and will be unable to derive the ultimate benefits. Therefore, we have come up with this guide to ease you out of the mess. In this article, you will get to know the step-by-step methods regarding Kodak Verite 55 eco inkjet wireless printer setup. Read on and explore your Kodak 55 eco printer!


The Initial Setup Procedure of Kodak Verite 55 Eco Inkjet Printer

Before you start to download the printer drivers for your computer, make sure that your system is operating either on Windows 10,  8.1, 8 or 7. Even it supports Windows Vista as well. The next thing you must check is whether your system is turned on and you are logged in with proper administrative rights. Remember, if there are multiple programs running on the background, you need to close them immediately. The appearance of the screens may vary, so don’t worry.

Know the Methods to Download the Printer Drivers

Once you have executed the initial set up procedure successfully, now you need to download the printer drivers to make your Kodak Verite 55 eco printer operational. Go through the guidelines outlined below:

  • At first, visit the official website of Kodak printers. After that, you will find the option Downloads. Confirm that the tab is selected.
  • Next, select the particular printer model ‘Verite 55W Eco / Verite55 Eco’ which is present in the drop-down menu under the category Select Model Number.
  • Now, you will find the option ‘Drivers & Software’. Go ahead and select it. Then follow the instructions accordingly, as it appears on your system screen.

Install the Printer Driver in your PC


Now that you have found the correct drivers, it’s time to install it properly. To implement this process, there are two ways which you can follow:

  1. Using Wifi connectivity
  2. Using USB printer cable

You can opt for any one of the methods whichever suits you best. However, we recommend you to choose the first one that will be more convenient for you. Let’s begin with the process.

Using Wifi Connectivity

Install the Printer Driver in your PC Using Wifi ConnectivityAt first, you must click on the printer driver installer. The driver will now be installed in your system through the Wifi connection. Here, you need to select the unit’s serial number in order to finish the installation process. Once you are done, go ahead and click on Continue. Now, click the checkbox with the Agree option and then click on Next. In order to connect to a wireless network, you must have a wireless router. Also, check whether your wireless router supports the WPS.

If your system is unable to locate the unit, a popup menu will appear within 5 seconds. Select your connection type and then click on Next.

Ensure that a plain size A4 paper is loaded in the paper tray. Then click on Start. Now, the unit will begin printing the particular alignment pattern. When the printer driver is successfully installed in your system, the Test Print option will appear in front of you. Click on that to make sure that the driver is properly installed.

Using USB Printer Cable

Install the Printer Driver in your PC Using USB Printer CableIf you find the first option inconvenient, you can follow this alternative solution to install the printer driver. You can use a USB cable to connect the unit to your system.


Steps to Execute the Wifi Set Up

Steps to Execute the Wifi Set UpFor the Wifi setup, at first, you need to select the Wifi type and go through the instructions as it appears in the Menu display. Then click on Manual Wifi settings. Next, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Fill in the Network Name (SSID), WEP key, Security Mode and then select the option, Manual.
  2. After that, connect the particular unit to your computer.
  3. When the WPS search option appears, click on that. Here, you need to press and hold the WPS button on your device for a couple of minutes.
  4. In the next step, press the Wifi icon and hold it until the blinking style of LED changes.
  5. Finally, click on Continue.

For the WPS PIN, click on that option. Then connect your unit to the system. After that, enter the password of the wireless PIN and lastly click on Continue.


Final Remarks

Hopefully, the solutions outlined above will help you with Kodak Verite 55 eco inkjet wireless multifunction printer setup effectively. The methods are simple and proven. In case you have any doubt or find it difficult to understand any step, feel free to post your comments. We will get back to you with workable methods to set up your Kodak printer.