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Kodak ESP 7250 Printer Setup: A Practical Guide to Install

The Kodak ESP 7250 printer is known for its versatile all-in-one printing features along with a built-in wireless unit for your online access. Hence, it enables the customers to obtain high-quality, colorful and long-lasting pictures anywhere and anytime. Once, you go through the Kodak ESP 7250 printer setup and apply the correct steps, it can make your printing and scanning tasks much easier. So, if you are not much tech-savvy and want to set up your Kodak printer by following step-by-step instructions, keep reading this article. Here, you can find some technical information regarding this ESP 7250 printing machine. Also, you will learn the beneficial features of installing this Kodak printer on your system. Along with that, we will also provide the step-by-step procedure of setting up the Kodak ESP 7250 printer.

Some Useful Details about Kodak ESP 7250 Printer and its Technicalities

Before discussing what this Kodak ESP 7250 printer setup is all about, let’s uncover its features that specifications:

Key Features of Kodak ESP 7250 printer

  1. If you install the Kodak printer software in your PC or laptop, it can easily connect to the shared WiFi network used by these devices. Also, its firmware is compatible to run on a wide range of mobile as well as iOS devices. Hence, you can connect this printing machine to your favorite gadget like iPhone, iPad, or smartphone and print photos wirelessly.
  2. The Kodak 7250 ESP printer has a unique feature of connecting to most recent digital camera devices. It makes use of a front USB input panel, so you can connect those cameras and take printouts directly. In this printer, you will get a built-in card reading unit, which you can use for accessing the content in the camera’s memory card.
  3. This ESP 7250 multi-purpose Kodak printer consists of a flatbed scanner, which is inbuilt in design. By setting up the printer drivers properly in your computer, you can obtain scanned photographs and graphics.
  4. In the case of documents scanning, this printing machine offers neat scans having all the details in it. Also, it allows various options like magnification, fit-to-page, and dimension reduction during printing.
    By using this printer you can save pages by choosing a two-sided copying feature. This allows the users to utilize both the sides of paper for printing purpose.
  5. It also offers dual trays so your papers never lack proper storage space in the printer. There is a switching option from text to photo printouts and it doesn’t even require swapping of the paper types for printing them.

Step-Wise Instructions To Perform Kodak ESP 7250 Printer Setup

You can check out the steps discussed in the following section to understand the Kodak ESP 7250 printer setup process. However, before you proceed with the instruction, you need to check certain things before connecting your printer to the wireless network on the computer or any other device.

Pre-requisites Before Doing The Setup for Kodak ESP 7250 Printer

You need to check the following factors before initiating the printer setup for Kodak ESP 7250.

Wireless Network Compatibility

First, you will need a PC or laptop along with proper support for wireless networking. Otherwise, look for a device along with a working network interface card before connecting the printer.

Your device should be compatible with the wireless network, which is following 802.11 standards. According to Kodak’s technical specification, it is recommended to utilize a WiFi-enabled router or access point based on DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

WPS and SSID Details

You should also confirm whether the wireless router can support WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) after connecting to the Kodak printer. Next, you will have to determine the name of your SSID (Service Set Identifier) with the help of a wireless access point. Otherwise, you can go through the documents from the manufacturer to get the details on Kodak ESP 7250 printer setup.

Note down your WPA, WPA2 or WEP passphrase nearby, as it will be required while doing the setup. In case, you are using any built-in or third-party antivirus program or firewall, turn them off until the printer gets installed.

Installation Instructions for your Kodak ESP 7250 Printer Setup

Your first task is to check if you are installing the correct version of KODAK All-in-One Printer Home Center software. So, download the firmware file from a reliable source or the official website of Kodak to your PC. Then locate the setup file with .exe and double-click on it. As it opens the installation wizard, you need to apply the instructions shown on-screen. Once, the windows display the notification ‘Update complete’, you will see the icon for your Kodak printer appearing on your screen or program files. Now, go through the steps necessary for connecting your printer to the wireless router installed on the computer.

Identify your Printer

Before proceeding with the connection method, you should keep your SSID name and its security string handy. Also, if you have applied the installation instructions mentioned above to set up your printer, press the Home button on PC.

Click on the downward arrow sign and choose the option of ‘Network Settings’. Then you will have to select ‘WiFi Setup Wizard’ and hit the ‘OK’ button.

Once again, press the down arrow button and choose ‘Wireless’ from the list of options. Thereafter, tap on ‘OK’ and select the network you want to connect your Kodak printer with. You need to press the ‘OK’ button after selecting your network. However, if you don’t see the desired network on the list, you will have to scan again. So, click on the tab for ‘Rescan for Wireless Networks’ and then hit ‘OK’.

Enter Passphrase

Your network may ask for a password hence, you can utilize the printer’s LCD keyboard for it. Use the on-screen keypad to type the security string for the chosen wireless network.

On successfully detecting your password, the printer screen will display a confirmation message. Your Kodak All-in-One printer will show that it is connected to your desired network and you can click ‘OK’ to continue.

Another way to confirm this connectivity is through the status of WiFi LED. If your Kodak ESP 7250 printer setup is correct, the WiFi light will turn solid and stable.

Final Printer Setup

However, you still need to apply some more steps to complete this printer installation. So, if you are doing this setup on a Windows-based PC, click on the Start menu. Then go to the tab for ‘Programs’ and find the files or program for Kodak 7250 printer. Next, click on the ‘Kodak Printer Network Set-Up Utility’ and apply the steps shown on the device’s screen.

Note: For MAC OS users, you will have to click on ‘System Preferences’ and choose ‘Print & Fax’. Thereafter, you need to add your Kodak printer manually by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol.

You can also connect your Kodak ESP 7250 printer to a WPS-enabled router as well. But, it requires you to select ‘WPS Connect’ for connecting your printer to the wireless network on PC. Thereafter, you need to press the tab for ‘Generate WPS PIN’ and proceed with further instructions online. For more updates and installation tips on Kodak ESP 7250 printer setup, keep watching this space or consult a technician for technical steps.