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Is KissCartoon Legal? 8 Sites Like KissCartoon (Updated 2020)

Kisscartoon is a streaming website that offers thousands of famous animated movies and TV shows. It has a variety of anime, movies, and U.S. based cartoons. Additionally, it is absolutely free. 

For anyone who likes animated movies and shows, this will be one of the best options. Moreover, this will also be a good option for parents who are looking for animated TV shows and movies for their children.


However, before you start streaming this website, you must ask “Is Kisscartoon legal and safe?”. So, to get a better understanding of this streaming platform, you first have to know about the site in details. Thus, you get a clear idea about its legality and safety. 

KissCartoon: A Vivid Insight

KissCartoon is among the dozens of sites that offer streaming content free of cost. This site can be accessed from various devices using a web browser. You can access it on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. KissCartoon has a huge collection of contents and most of them are in HD. 

This website has a very easy interface which makes its browsing very user friendly. Here, the contents are organized in such a manner that you will be able to access the content that you want very quickly, without much hassle.

Kiss Anime Network is the company that owns and operates KissCartoon. It is an overseas company that has its sites on different servers. These servers are located in the countries where the copyright laws are not enforced. In the beginning, they used to operate out of Vietnam. 

Apart from KissCartoon, they also host numerous other sites that stream unlicensed content. They have dedicated sites for Korean drama TV shows, U.S. comics, and manga. These sites were built almost 10 years ago. 

Since its introduction, KissCartoon has been visited by millions of people for watching free movies and TV shows. However, the sites that exist today are just fake clones. The original site was closed in 2017. This happened when criminal prosecution was requested by the U.S. ambassador to Vietnam. Now, no one actually knows who operates the clones of KissCartoon.

Is KissCartoon legal?

As you may have understood by now that this site is not legal. This is obvious because they stream pirated cartoon and anime movies. The group which hosts this site and all the other sites, do not have the permission to stream these contents. 

From time to time, these sites get shut down when their servers get located. There were several instances where KissCartoon was shut down. However, when they are shut down, they keep their site live on different servers by using a cloned version of the site.

However, there are some KissCartoon sites that are fake. These contain viruses that can harm the device you are watching. The fake sites are the clones of the original one. Additionally, the people managing these sites are ambiguous. 

The domain name of these fake sites is the same, the domain suffixes are changed. KissCartoon.me is the original one. But, for the fake, you may see the names as “KissCartoon.bz, or KissCartoon.io. However, it is suspected that the original site may also be controlled by the operators of these clone sites.  

Is it safe to watch cartoons on KissCartoon?

This site is known for transferring viruses to the devices of the users. KissCartoon makes money by showing advertisements in addition to endless redirects and pop-ups. The ads that show up are done by using a JavaScript file by your browser. These JavaScript files can be infected with viruses by hackers.

This can happen very easily as there is no trusted network to control these ads. It has also been reported that the viruses that were downloaded on the device through the ads are enabled to hack the device. 

However, the cryptocurrency miners or the viruses may not be connected directly with KissCartoon. But, since they do not take proper measures to keep away these threats, these kinds of virus attack can occur easily. 

So, it is completely your choice whether you want to avoid KissCartoon altogether. This will help you to keep your personal data, and device safe.

KissCartoon Alternatives

KissCartoon is not the only streaming site that offers a large variety of content. Although not all of them are free, most of them are. Others have a very affordable charge. Moreover, they do not have any virus on their website. They are safe, secure, and legal. Here are a few famous animated streaming sites:

All of these apps and sites are safe and contain many extra features. For example, you can start watching from where you stopped last time or create a playlist. All of these sites are the best alternative for KissCartoon. 


So, the final question still remains that “Should you use KissCartoons?” Even though streaming pirated content is illegal, you will not face any criminal action for it. However, the risk of getting a virus on your device still remains. Hence, it is absolutely recommended that you avoid KissCartoon at all costs. But, if you are still willing to use KissCartoon, make sure that you have strong anti-virus software.