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Tricks To Enable Java For Firefox

From May 2018  the Mozilla Firefox stopped providing support for the Netscape Plugin API. As we know Firefox is a quite famous web browser and it has millions of users Worldwide. The Mozilla Firefox is quite different from other browsers since it is quite easy to access. Also, it offers all types of extensions or ADd-ons. Primarily Mozilla provides Extended support Release, especially for the 32-bit version. But due to the recent announcement, users are unaware of how to avail all these interactive features by using Mozilla Firefox. Although, now users can enable java for Firefox and they don’t have to discard previous add-ons and plugins. If you are looking how to use java for Firefox, then read this article to gather vital information.  


Generally, Java application is incorporated as Java Webstart application or Java Applets in the web browser. These applications do not interact with the browser once they are up and running. So, these changes do not affect the Web browser, it only impacts Java application.

Effective Techniques To Follow

Over recent years Firefox has used several APIs so that the website can offer additional features without the plugins or Add-ons. But, now it has become difficult for the users to stream relevant content without the extensions. Hence, it is necessary to incorporate java for the Firefox. Let see how to enable Java For Firefox.

Activate Java For The Firefox Older Version

To enable Java for the Older Firefox version, you need to click the tools menu at the top corner. Once you select the menu, go to Add-ons and then click Plugins. Look for Java(TM)platform plugin on the list and hit the Enable button to activate the plugin.

Enable Java Plugins For Mac Users

For Mac user, the process is more or less the same. First, click the Tools menu then choose Add-ons. After that select Plugins and try to locate Java plugin as given on the list.  
If you are using Leopard, Snow Leopard or Lion then the name of plugins will be NPAPI Browser, Java Applet Plug-in, Java Plug-in 2. Find these plugins to enable it.

Activate Java Content In FireFox

Users can enable Java content, install the 32-bit version Firefox and add Java Plugins. But it has certain drawbacks such as it enhances the risk of a virus attack or malware to your system. However, by applying this technique, you cannot upgrade the outdated version. There is another way to enable java for that you need to download Java from the Official site.

After downloading the Java file now open it to install it in your Computer. Once the installation is complete, then close the tab and launch the Java System. Then Open the Firefox browser and now type ‘about: config’ on the address bar. You will get a notification, go to the window and choose ‘I accept the Risk.’ Now change the JavaScript from false to true if required. In this way, you can incorporate Java for Firefox.

Bottom Line

As the Mozilla Firefox stops supporting plugins and API recently, it has been difficult for the users to avail extensions and interactive plugins. Due to unavailability of proper extensions user will not be able to play games and streaming video online.

Thus if you want to rescue yourself from this situation enable Java in your Firefox. By allowing Java application on the Mozilla browser, you can watch various content or play games without any interruption.