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How To Login Into Technicolor TC8305C Router

How To Login Into Technicolor TC8305C Router

Technicolor TC8305C used to be a very popular brand by Comcast and sold as an Xfinity Router. The maximum speed of this router is 2.4 GHz. Users might get several problems while using it. Among them, the logging problem the most irritating. But you can easily log in to this router just like other routers. There are two ports present in this router which are used as residential gateways. It has two voice lines. These voice lines are used to conserve energy and cost-saving as well.

This router can be used in your home as well as your business. It consists of an 802.11n wireless access point. Also, it has a 4-gigabit port.

Now, let’s check how to log in to Technicolor TC8305C Router without facing any issues.


  • You should keep the router box. The router box consists of the username and the password.
  • Also, you need a system, it could be a laptop or desktop.

Steps to Login to Technicolor TC8305C:

Now, go through these steps and apply them accordingly to login into the Technicolor TC8305C router easily without facing any difficulties.

Step 1: Open any Browser

First of all, open your favorite browser and then type the IP address in the address bar. But before that, you need to make sure that you have a proper internet connection on your device.

Step 2: Enter Username and Password on the Default Gateway

Now, go to the Router settings section. Then, type the default username and password in the respective field. The default username is ‘admin’ and the default password is ‘password’.

In case, if the above combinations do not work properly, then you need to change the default details by resetting the router. You can reset the router by pressing the Reset button using a sharp object which is present at the backside of the router.

Step 3: Change the SSID

You will find a lot of network names under the Network section which is known as Service Set Identifier or SSID. Most of the time, by default, it is named as the name of the manufacturer of the router. You need to change the default name but ensure that you do not change any settings of the router and you should make it personal.


  • Make the SSID simple and easy so that you can remember it easily.
  • Don’t make the SSID name catchy, as it might backfire
  • Do not put any personal information while setting up the name of the router.

Step 4: Set up the Technicolor TC8305C Login Details

After changing the SSID, now, it is time to change the default username and password. Due to this, you can secure your router from unwanted attempts.

Tips to Change the Username and Password:

  • The password should be a mixture of numbers, alphabets, and symbols.
  • Also, the password should have 8-16 characters. Do not make it so complex. Make it easy, simple that can be easily remembered.
  • The username of your router should be simple and user-friendly.
  • You can write down the password and username in a piece of paper.

Step 5: Secure TC8505C Router Settings

After successfully logging in to the default gateway, you should check the encryption setting of the network. After that, you need to set the encryption to the WPA2-PSK. It will ensure that your router is out of the danger and provide the best security level.

Troubleshoot the Problems of Technicolor TC8305C Router

You should have an idea about the problem that you might face while logging in to the router.

#1. Technicolor TC8305C password Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, the default password which is the ‘password’ itself does not work. It can be changed by someone. In such a situation, you need to reset the router by pressing the Reset button for a few seconds.

#2. Forgot the Password of Technicolor TC8305C Router

If you forgot the password of the router, then you cannot log in to your account. Then you need to find out the paper or remember the password. In case, if you do not find the paper or unable to remember the password, then you need to contact the ISP or Xfinity forum. They will help you to get rid of this situation. Lastly, you can reset the router and create the password again.

#3. How to Reset the Technicolor TC8305C Router to Default Settings

You can reset the router easily. Simply press the Reset button on the router which is present at the backside of the router and hold it by using a pin for a few seconds. With this, you can reset your Technicolor TC8305C router easily.