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Some Exceptional iPhone Emulator Windows

iOS applications are very impressive when it comes to features and functionalities. You don’t have to buy an iPhone or iPad for using the iOS apps. You can now use all the iOS applications on Windows with iphone emulator Windows without having an iOS device. You can get that done with the help of iOS emulators.

Understanding iOS Emulators

iOS emulators is a software application. It allows you to use iOS This on your Windows. These emulators are like a bridge. They are compatible with the Windows and provide the Apple-like environment for the iOS apps. Hence to run smoothly.

In short, with these emulators, you can use Apple games and apps on your Windows device and you no longer need iOS devices for them. You need a good iOS emulator for using iOS apps on Windows.

Some Excellent iOS Emulators

Here is a list of some state-of-art emulators that you can use.

iPadian Emulator

This is one of the most used emulators. The best thing about it is its GUI has been developed in such a way so that it matches the feel and the look of an iPad. Hence the name. So, when you use this emulator, you will feel that you are using an iPad in real.

This emulator gives you complete access to the app store of Apple from where you can download and use the applications easily. You can find the free and paid versions of this emulator. It has a rich display along with exciting features, a wide selection of iOS applications and versatile compatibility. This makes it a very popular emulator.


Another name that is well-known in this field is SmartFace. This emulator is quite interesting if you want to develop a cross-platform iOS application. It is a comprehensive version of the enterprise mobility management application that delivers strategic mobility solutions for various organizations in a very less time. Also, it has options that you can use for debugging as well.

So, if you are developing native iOS applications, this emulator can be very beneficial. It comes with a Javascript library, support for plug-ins for other apps and a standalone codebase for javascript. Hence, it can give you an interface similarly rich and flawless like Apple devices.

MobiOne Studio

This one isn’t just an iOS simulator but also a visual designer. This emulator uses an open-source framework based on hybrid application model HTML5 mainly Cordova or  PhoneGap. This emulator has a complete set of features that help you in keeping the apps organized.

It delivers the user-experience that is high-class and realistic. Its designer interface is simple but efficient drag-and-drop that allows you to design and execute many iOS apps. Also, it has a wide range of design templates for designing and developing iOS apps quickly and easily. Some of its features allow you to create status notifications and make customized icons for your apps along with playing iOS games.


With Appetize.io emulator, you can not only execute all the iOS apps and games but also download and run Android apps. It is versatile with both iOS and Android apps and hence is a much-preferred emulator. Also, it offers many cool features as well. You can watch the live iOS demonstration for knowing about all of them.

You have to create an account on Appetize.io for using this emulator. You will then have to log into it and upload the app file. Now you can execute it in the browser.

You can also use its trial version for up to 100 minutes and two parallel users can use it. For unlimited usage, go for the premium version.


If you want a lightweight and finest iOS emulators, Ripple is the one for you. You can use it as a Chrome extension. You can use its many functionalities for developing and running many iOS games and applications. Additionally, you can also test the apps that you have developed.

Be it creating an app or testing it, Ripple does a wonderful job for both. If you have transcoded HTML 5 apps into iOS apps, you can easily execute these apps using Ripple. However, if you simply run a few iOS applications on it, you won’t be able to understand much difference.

Rounding Up

Emulators have changed the way we look at Windows and iOS devices. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many more emulators available in the market. There is Xamarin and then there is App.io. You can also go for Air iPhone Emulator or Nintendo 3DS emulator software. If you have the clear idea about what you are looking for, you can easily find the one that meets your requirement. You will be able to enjoy iOS apps and games on your Windows device.