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HP Photosmart Printer D110 Setup – A Comprehensive Guide

Printers are much in use today. And this is quite obvious because it serves multiple purposes. With them, you can not only print your documents but also scan them if required. And when it comes to printers, HP is a brand that wins hands down among all other counterparts. HP has taken the market by a storm excelling in term of innovative excellence with each of its latest inventions.

And the HP Photosmart Printer D110 is the new feather on its cap. Coupled with extraordinary features and superior quality product design, Photosmart printers are truly revolutionary. As the name has it, it is certainly the smarter All-in-One printer that enables you to print from virtually anywhere. You can experience the premium features of photo printing, scan & copying from the intuitive touch screen, etc. And such features make it a multifunctional printer device.

However, that said, you can derive all these facilities only when you know the setup procedure correctly. Therefore, in this article, we are going to offer you a comprehensive guideline about the overall setup procedure of HP Photosmart Printer d110 Setup.

HP Photosmart Printer D110 Setup: Know How?

Under this section, we are going to provide you with a step-by-step guideline about the procedure of setting up a Photosmart D110 Printer. Take a look.

First and foremost we are going to discuss the methodology to set up Photosmart D110 Printer in Windows 7. So in case, yours is a Windows 7 Operating System, the procedures of HP Photosmart Printer d110 Setup are as follows

Step 1: You Must get Hold of the Needed Items of Network Setup

Installation comes later, but prior to that, you must get hold of the following items. But for these items, you shall not be able to execute the installation process.

  • Network name(the name of the Network is SSID)
  • Security passphrase (WEP key or WPA)
  • Most importantly, you do need a PC, which is connected with the wireless network.
  • Apart from the ones stated above, you also need an HP recommended internet access. And in this regard, you may opt for the DSL.

You must note that even if you don’t require internet access during the time of the installation by means of a wireless connection, you will nonetheless require when you make use of the Web services.

Besides, you will also have to have an internet connection in order to derive various updates related to your Printer. Also, internet connections are required for the purpose of downloading drivers from the official website of HP. In addition to all this, you will surely require a wireless printer, which you must place near your PC at the time of installation.

Once you have all this, you need to make sure that your HP printer D110, router device as your PC is powered on. Also, you should secure the connection of your PC to the same wireless network with which you intend to connect your Printer device. Also, you  need to disconnect any Ethernet cable to which your Printer is connected

Additional Precautionary Measures

In case you had previously installed the software by means of a USB cable and wish to change to a wireless connection, you need t to adhere to the following guidelines. The steps that follow will help you to remove the previously installed software. To do this:

First and foremost press on the All Programs Icon. Thereafter, press on HP. Following this, you must press on your printer folder. After you do so, you must press on the Icon of your Printer. This is going to open up your Printer software.

Following this, you must press on the option entitled “Printer Setup & Software Selection”.Once done next press on the option entitled “Convert a USB connected printer to a wireless” or else you can also click on  “Connect a new printer” both of these options play the same function.

Only the name varies according to the version of the software it is running on. That’s it, once done, you simply need to execute the remaining steps as per the instructions that get displayed on the screen.

Step 2: Try Connecting your Printer to the Wireless Network Via  Wireless Setup Wizard

In order to do so, follow the under mentioned steps:

First of all, you need to click on the Wireless button. You will find the button at the front of your Printing machine. Once need to press on the Right Arrow button in order to choose the Wireless Setup Wizard. Once selected, press the OK button. After you do this, you must ensure that the wireless radio is turned on.

In case the radio button is turned off, select the Enable Wireless button by means of pressing on the OK button. Thereafter, press the Right Arrow button in order to choose the Wireless Setup Wizard and hit on the OK button.

As soon as you do this, the Wireless Setup Wizard will start looking for a network connection. And on detecting the network connections,  it displays them on the list.

Following this, you must clock on the Tigh Arrow button once again and the SSID, that is your Network Name. Thereafter, hit the OK button. Once you finish executing the entire process, you must put in the either the WEP or else the  WPA key. After this click on the Right Arrow button in order to choose Done and press on the OK button thereafter in order to confirm your action.

On completion of the entire process, you must ensure that your HP D110 Printing device is connecting properly to your network device, you got to click on the OK button in order to derive a print out of the Wireless network Test Report.

Step 3: Installation of the Printer Software

In order to successfully install the Printer software, you need to execute the following steps.

First and foremost turn on the power button of your Printing machine. Disconnect your printer from the USB cable, if required. Once done, you must visit the official website of HP Customer Support. From there move over to the option entitled as “Software And Driver Downloads”.

The moment you click on the option, the  “Let’s identify your product to get started page” should pop up on the Screen, Thereafter, navigate over to the Printer icon and press on it. After you do this, you must feed in your Printer’s model number. And press on the “Submit” icon thereafter.

However, in case you need to change the OS, Press on the Change option. And after choosing the version you want to, press on the Change button. That’s it, you are more or less done. All you are left to do is press on the Download button in order to download the entire package. And finally, press on the Basic Driver option if you wish to select any other driver option.

Concluding Remark

By means of following the above-mentioned methods, you should be able to execute the HP Photosmart printer D110 Setup procedure quite easily. Therefore, we shall urge you to keep a note of the tips, as well as the downloads, we suggested in the article. Also, ensure that you have implemented the tricks accurately, adapting the kind of action appropriate to your need.