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HP Envy Photo 7858 Printer Setup : Effective Steps To Follow

In this technologically advanced era, our life revolves around tech devices that make our lives easier to run. A printer is one of them. There are many printer brands available in the market. Among them, HP offers some of the best quality printers which you can utilize for both home and office. Under all standard circumstances, HP printers are reliable and can run without any difficulties.

Therefore, if you purchase an HP Envy photo 7858 printer, but you do not have a clear idea of how to set up the printer, then you might look for a reliable set up process. This article comes up with an effective procedure to perform an HP envy photo 7858 printer setup. Hence, read the article carefully and apply the methods which are mentioned below for successful setup of HP Envy Photo 7858 printer.

Unboxing HP Photo 7858 Printer

The first thing you should do is open the printer box. Inside the box, you will find a set of ink cartridges. One is the number 62 tri-color ink cartridge and the other is the black 62 ink cartridge. The next thing that you will find is one bag. The bag contains the power cord and a reference guide with some setup instructions. A sample pack of HP advanced photo paper, HP ink cartridges information and an ink caution sheet. Then comes the most important thing that is your printer setup disc for both Windows and Mac. if you misplace the setup disc, then you can download the software and driver from the official website of HP.

After that, remove any packing materials from the top of the printer. Then, you can take the printer out from the printer box. Firmly grasp the plastic bag and pull the printer out from the box. You can slide the printer out of the plastic bag. Once the printer is removed, you need to remove all the tape and packing materials. Start by lifting the scanner lid. After that, remove the styrofoam sheet and then close the scanner lid. You need to remove all the blue tapes from the paper output tray. Then pull out the paper input tray.

Follow the article to get the complete details on how to set up the HP envy photo 7858 printer without any trouble. Hence, stay with this article and perform all the steps as described in the section below.

Learn the Easy Steps for HP Envy Photo 7858 Printer Setup

Have a look at the following steps for HP envy photo 7858 printers.

Step 1

Open the bag that is mentioned earlier. Take out the power cord and manuals as well. Before plugging in the power cord, be sure all packing materials have been removed from inside the printer. After that, remove the twist tie from the power cord. Then, plug one end of the cord into the back of the printer. Connect the other end into a wall outlet. It is recommended to plug in directly into a wall outlet for best printer performance.

Step 2

Press the Power button to turn on the printer. At this point, the printer will start initializing. When the printer stops making noise, select your language and then press Yes to confirm. After that, select your country or region, then press Yes again to confirm.

Step 3

Now, you need to install the ink cartridges. Lift the top cover to access the cartridges. Remove the tri-color cartridge from its package. Before installing the cartridge, you must remove the protective tab. Make sure that you do not touch the copper-colored contacts or ink nozzles.

Step 4

Insert the tri-color cartridge in the left slot. The contacts must face the back of the printer for a correct installation. Slide the cartridge in the slot and press firmly until it clicks into place. Now, open the black cartridge from its package. Just as before, remove the protective tab, making sure not to touch the contacts.

Step 5

Insert the black ink cartridge into the right slot. If the cartridge does not click into place, try repositioning the cartridge and then re-installing it until it clicks into place. After that, close the top cover of the printer. Then, press Ok on the printer control panel to continue. When the load paper prompt displays, load plain white paper into the paper tray.

Step 6

Next, grab a stack of paper and align it by tapping it on a flat surface. Pull out the input tray, then push in the photo tray. Remove the tape holding the paper width guides. Then push out the paper width guides until they stop. After that, load the paper and adjust the guides. Then push the input tray. After that, press Ok followed by Done. the printer will now calibrate and print an alignment page. The alignment page allows the printer to know where the ink placement will be on future prints.

Step 7

To complete the printer set up, you must scan the alignment page. Lift the scanner lid and place the alignment page face down. After that, close the scanner lid. Then touch Ok to scan the page. Scanning the alignment page is the final steps in the alignment process. Once the alignment is complete, either an alignment successfully or an alignment failed message will display. If you receive an alignment failed message after the scan, you should contact the HP professional to resolve the issue. If you receive an alignment successful message, then touch Ok. This prompt only applies if you want to use the internet to install the software for your printer.

Step 8

Touch More option and then touch the Manual Setup option. If you are connecting the printer via USB, you have to touch No Network. If you touch the Network option, the printer will then search for all the wireless routers within the range of the printer. After getting the wireless network, select your network from the list. Then touch Ok and enter the network password. The control panel has multiple letters per box. Hence, touch each box until your letter displays. Once you have put the password, touch Done. then touch Ok to confirm your settings. The printer will validate your wireless settings and connect to the network.

Step 9

When the Connection Successful screen displays, touch Ok option. Choose an option under Printer Update. We recommend you to choose the option Install Automatically so that your printer is always up to date. After that, touch the Ok button and then select the Home option. Next, touch Confirm. Now, your printer hardware is set up successfully.

Step 10

Now, we are going to install the software. Grab the installation CD which came with the printer. After that, you need to load it into the CD tray of your computer. Open the CD icon by double-clicking on it. After that, click Run to open the installer. If a User account window opens, select Yes option.

Step 11

You will see an option to go online to complete the software installation. Just because you are using the installation CD to set up, click No Thanks option.

Step 12

Once the installer opens, you need to choose the Continue option. After that, you need to press the Customize Software Selections button to choose what software you want to install. Then, press the Next option.

Step 13

After that, check the box to agree to the terms and click the Next option. The software and drivers will now install. At the connection options screen, you can either choose Wireless, USB or you may choose to Connect Your Printer Later option. Since you are setting up the printer on the wireless network, you need to choose the wireless option. After that, click the Next option.

Step 14

The installer will scan the wireless network for your printer. When it finds your printer, it will list it down. You can then choose it from the list. After that, click the Next option. The installer will then connect the wireless printer to your computer.

Try to print a page and check it is printing properly or not.

Hence, this was the complete setup and installation procedure of the HP envy photo 7858 printers. It is recommended that, do not skip any of the steps. Otherwise, you may need to begin the process from the very first. Hopefully, with the help of the above steps, you can easily set up your HP printer. If you face any problem while performing the steps, you can leave your doubt in the comment section.