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Know How To Wipe Clean Dell Laptop Through Hassle-Free Way

Dell is one of the most renowned brands, especially known for its amazing features and advanced technology. But however, some users might get various issues which forces them to erase everything from their laptop. Though the brand comes with an in-built restore partition which is designed to restore your computer to its original functioning condition, yet several users get confused. So, if you are going through any technical glitches and don’t know how to clean a Dell laptop hard drive, then this article can be your savior. In this content, we will explore all the possible hacks to help you know how to wipe clean Dell laptop in every possible way.

Easy Hacks on How to Wipe Clean Dell Laptop

There are three effective ways if you want to know how to wipe clean Dell laptop. We have prepared a list of those methods in this section. You can try these methods to eliminate any further risk

Method 1: Erase Everything on Dell Laptop Using Windows Reset

Most of the users wish to perform a factory reset using Windows Reset. This method helps to restore the Windows to its previous state. Go through the steps below to remove everything on your laptop using Windows Reset.

  1. Turn on your laptop on and tap the Windows button on your keyboard and open Settings.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Update and security’ and click on Recovery tab, from the left side of the window.
  3. Click on ‘Get started’ from the below “Reset this PC” button, at the top page.
  4. Now, click the Recovery tab, from the left side of the Window and then, click on Remove Everything when prompted.
  5. Click ‘Remove files and clean the drive’ option, to delete everything from your laptop and then, click on Reset when prompted.
  6. Now, follow the on-screen instructions and click on Continue, to complete the process on your laptop.

Once you are done with this method, restart your laptop to complete the process.

Method 2: Wipe Dell Laptop’s Data Using Dell Computer Repair Drive

Go through the steps below to clean your Dell laptop using Dell Computer Repair Drive.

  1. At first, restart your Dell laptop and tap on the Windows button on your keyboard and open the ‘Advanced boot’ menu.
  2. Tap on the F8 key, as soon as you see the Dell logo and select the ‘Repair your computer’ option.
  3. Now, press the Enter button and then, select your language by clicking the Language drop-down box.
  4. Now, click on Next to log into your account.
  5. Select your administrative account and then, enter the password to continue.
  6. Click on ‘Dell factory image restore’ when prompted and then, click on Next from the right-bottom corner of the Window.
  7. Click on YES to confirm your decision, to erase your laptop’s data and then, click on Next from the right-bottom corner of the window.
  8. Once the task has been completed, click on Finish and restart your device. Your laptop will get back to its previous state.

Method 3: Erase Everything on Dell laptop Using Windows Installation Disc

Go through the following hacks below, to erase everything from your laptop using Windows Installation Disc.

  1. At first, insert the Windows Installation Disc into the DVD tray and restart your computer.
  2. Now, wait for the message, which says “Press any key to continue” and then, press any key on your keyboard to continue.
  3. Once the disc booting sequence starts, select your language from the Language drop-down box.
  4. Now, click the Next button from the right corner of the window and then, accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Click the Custom button from the middle of the window, to let the hard drives list to appear.
  6. Select ‘Dell hard drive’, if you want to erase everything and then, click Format from the bottom of the page.
  7. Select NTFS and then, click on Next when prompted, to complete the formatting process.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions and then, restart your PC when you are done with formatting.

These three major methods will surely help you to know how to clean a Dell laptop hard drive. You can try either one of these solutions or all of them, to perform a complete formatting process for your hard drive. Hope this article was beneficial enough to assist you on how to wipe clean Dell laptop. In case, you are unable to perform this task, take expert guidance. Lastly, we recommend you to drop us a comment and post your feedback.