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How To Use Instagram On Webstagram (Step By Step Guide)

There is no need to introduce you to Instagram. This social media platform is already famous among all peoples irrespective of their age. You can upload photos, videos from your lives, events. Just add followers to your account and go around with what is happening.

But Instagram doesn’t offer some additional features on your mobile devices. That’s why you might need another application, named Webstagram. Webstagram is a web-based interface that can interact with your Instagram account. Then you can handle these features of Instagram on your mobile devices, as well.

If you don’t know how to use Instagram on Webstagram, then not to worry. We are here to help you with sufficient guidelines so that you are able to use the Instagram app with the help of Webstagram.

How to Set Up Webstagram?

Suppose, you have posted something on Instagram, and now you want to repost it. You can do this task with assistance from Webstagram. In addition to this, Webstagram allows you to share watermarked content on Instagram. Before you learn how to use Instagram on Webstagram, you have to know how you can set up Webstagram, first.

Step 1: Sign-In to Webstagram

Initially, you have to visit the Webstagram website. Then you have to log in to the Webstagram account by using the Instagram account credentials. 

Step 2: Use the Follow Button

If you have an account on Twitter, then this step should be unskippable. Click the Follow button to receive updates on your Twitter account about Instagram. If you don’t want to link up the Twitter account with the Webstagram account, then click the X button.

Step 3: Adjust the Settings

Next, you can locate the Settings option at the top of the page. Alter the settings according to your preference. Additionally, you can use the keywords that you usually use on your page. Also, you can set the visibility of the Webstagram account and adjust the email and country settings. 

Opt for the Save Settings option when you have set up the preferences.

How to Use Instagram on Webstagram?

Now, you have set up the Webstagram account already. We have mentioned below what you can do with the Webstagram account to use Instagram more efficiently. Go through the steps to discover more on Instagram and Webstagram. Alongside you can look for real Instagram growth on Webstagram if not, more growth tools might help you.

Task 1: View Popular Posts

You can log in to the Webstagram account to view popular posts of Instagram. Just navigate to the Popular section to accomplish the job.

Task 2: Find Content

Are you facing difficulty while searching for a keyword? If yes, then just sign in to the Webstagram account. Then opt for the Search option and mention the keyword. The feature will find all the related content within a while.

Task 3: View your Instagram Uploads

If you are a regular Instagrammer, then it can be difficult for you to manage all your uploads. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore when you are using Webstagram. Choose the My Photos option. It will view you with the uploaded photos of you. Additionally, you can share images on Instagram just by clicking the Social Media buttons below.

Task 4: View your Liked Images

You can manage your activities on Instagram. Find out on which images you reacted like or love. Just select the Liked option to see the photos that you have liked recently or months ago. The tools like Growthoid can manage the related things. Don’t even think whether is Growthoid a scam or legit. It’s legit and worth investing for a faster growth.

Task 5: Find the Top Filters, Users

Are you looking for the latest trends on Instagram like filters, tags, and users? Then the Hot option should remain at the top of your preferences. The Hot option will view you with the trending filters, users, and tags.

Task 6: Find Most Popular Photo on Instagram

Now, you can view the Photo of the day on Instagram without analyzing the statistics. Just opt for the Photo Of The Day option to see the most popular image on Instagram on that particular day.

Task 7: Create Follow Me Button

Now, you can create your own Follow Me button to direct your followers to your website or blog. Navigate to the Tools option to find out such resources on Instagram via Webstagram.

How to Share Images on Instagram Via Webstagram?

If you want to share photos on Instagram through the Webstagram account, then follow the guidelines listed below.

  1. Go to the My Photos tab on the Webstagram homepage. This will show you all your Instagram accounts.
  2. Choose the Instagram account from which you need to share the images.
  3. Opt for the Repost this button.
  4. After that, you have to click the Social Media button. It will repost the watermarked Instagram media to that particular Social Media.

Wrapping Up

Webstagram is a great web interface when you want to link your Instagram account to other social media. This will efficiently improve the web presence of yours over a variety of social media. Hopefully, you find the guide helpful on how to use Instagram on Webstagram.