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Comprehensive Guidance On How To Use Alienware Graphics Amplifier

Alienware Graphics Amplifier is one of the most popular graphics hardware available in this global market. But in reality is not so much user-friendly and compatible. Sometimes users often don’t know how to use Alienware Graphics Amplifier. If you are one of them then you can follow this article to get further guidance.

How To Use Alienware Graphics Amplifier

Using our guidance you will be able to use your Alienware related works. Simply try to follow the steps as mentioned below and do the most with this tool.

Guidance 1: Install Alienware Graphics Amplifier Software

To use the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, at first, you need to install the software to run it on your device.

At first turn on your computer and go to your developer’s website and follow the instructions to download the Alienware Graphics Amplifier software.
After completing the download, double-click on the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation procedure.
After installation, now all you have to do is set up your Graphics Amplifier.

Guidance 2: Set Up Alienware Graphics Amplifier

After installation, all you have to do is to set up this amplifier. To perform that, let’s focus on the steps mentioned below.

At first, exit from all opened applications and active Windows.
Now, connect graphics cable from the amplifier you are using on your computer.
After connecting, the Alienware device will be turned on and a dialogue box will pop up in the screen, asking you to restart the device.
Choose the Yes option to continue with the restart process.
After restarting your device Alienware Graphics Amplifier will successfully be installed on your device.

Guidance 3: Remove The Graphics Amplifier

After using the graphics driver, you may need to remove it properly with your device. On that note, try to follow the steps mentioned below.

In order to remove the graphics amplifier, try to accelerate the release hook and lose the cover.

Now, Open the cover by lifting it.
Disconnect all power cables from the amplifier by pressing the tabs.
Now, remove the bolts which secure the graphics card into the framework.
Now, release the graphics card from the slot.
Again, try to remove the graphics card away from the case.
Now, coast the graphics card stuffing into the slots on the graphics card.
Replace the bolts.
Reconnect the power cables in the device
Close the cover and lock it securely.

Hope, you get the steps to use the amplifier. Now, concentrate on how to fix one of the most common issues of it mentioned below.

Guidance 4: How To Fix Alienware Black Screen Issues

Though Alienware is the most preferable one, however like any other technical product, it not always free from the technical glitches.  Alienware black screen issue is one of them. If you have already faced this issue and want to know how to troubleshoot it then try to focus on the guidelines mentioned below.

At first, try to focus on the start option and in the search box type “Control Panel”.
In “Control Panel” tap on the “Power Options”.
Now, click “Change Plan Settings” and tap on the “Change Advanced Power Settings”.
Find “Hybrid Sleep” from the “Sleep Setting” and click on”Allow”.
Tap on “Apply” and then choose “OK” to continue.
Now, try to restart your computer.
The bug will be resolved, if not, then try to perform the steps suggested below:

Open the control panel from the search option.
Now select the “Control Panel” and choose the “Device Manager”.
Double-click on it to open the “System Devices”.
Now, Right-click “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System” and choose “Update Driver Software”.
Follow the onscreen instructions to complete this process.
If this error persists then try to restore the Alienware using following steps.

If you don’t have a cd to perform a factory reset, don’t worry. Follow the steps provided below to get the solution.

How To Restore Alienware To Factory Settings Without CD

To restore Alienware to factory settings without CD try to perform the steps as follows.

At first, try to log in administrative account.
Now, click on OK to continue.
In factory, image restore window, click on  Next.
Click on Yes to format your Alienware.
Your graphics card will be restored to the default factory settings.

Try to follow each and every step carefully. It is recommended not to miss out any of them.

Hope, using this brief guide, you will be able to perform this whole action on your own. In case, if you encounter any other system related issues then you can follow our website to get further troubleshooting guidance. Stay glued with this article to gain further insights.