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How to update with new technology faster in 2020?

Technological developments are happening at a rapid pace and owing to the ongoing pandemicwhen more and more people are depending upon technology for their own requirements, 2020 can be called the year of the great technological leap. Firms and business person have to keep up with the latest technological trends by reading the best technological blogs from time to time so that they can survive this transformation.In 2020,technological industries are preparing themselves to enter a new era where Robots, 5G networks, Artificial Intelligence,Blockchain Technology and other such trends are dominating our lives. These emerging technologies can help businesses to seize new opportunities that come along their way.

How to stay updated with the latest technology in 2020?

  • Follow technological blogs like Wired, The Verge, Venture Beat, etc. that publishes daily posts related to the latest technological innovations.
  • To stay updated with the new technology trends, you can also watch tech-related TV Shows like Silicon Valley, The IT Crowd, Mr. Robot, Black Mirror, etc.
  • You can also follow the social media accounts of tech bloggers Harsh Agarwal, Imran Uddin, Ankit Kumar Singla, Srinivas Tamada, and others. These tech bloggers also write tech blogs where they regularly post tech updates. You can find themmore information from best technology blogs listsand subscribe their newsletters if you want new tech content delivered to your inbox.
  • YouTube channels like CNET, Mashable, Tech Insider,TechCrunch, and Unbox Therapy regularly posts tech industry innovations on their channels. Subscribe to these channels to stay updated with the new technological trends.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest technological trends that you need to update in the year 2020.

1.  Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? AI are those computer systems that have been programmed in such a way that it can imitate human intelligence and perform tasks like image recognition, speech, patterns, and decision making. Most of the world’s population uses AI in one form or another. This includes navigation apps, streaming services, smartphone personal assistants, ride-sharing apps, food delivery apps, andother mobile apps so on.

Several firms are using AI to improve their client’s experience and for streamlining theirgeneral work purpose.In 2020, there will be more customizations of Artificial Intelligence andfirms offering this tool. Hence, it is important to update to AI faster in 2020.

2.  5G Network

This year, the firms are offering cheaper data and improved coverage plans in different locations for 5G data networks.The 5th generation of internet connectivity has a lot of benefits. 5G data networks are not only going to give us faster downloading and uploading speedsbut will also offer usmore stable connections and lower latency. This transformation will allow people, machines, robots, and other gadgets that have internet connectivity to collect and transfer a huge amount of data.

Recently Apple launched four new iPhone 12 series that support 5G data networks. Apart from Apple, Samsung has also launched the Galaxy S10 smartphone last year that is 5G capable.Thus, it can be said that the benefits of 5G technologydata networks are bound to make it one of the major technological developments of 2020.

3.  Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an application that enables the employees of a firm to configure computer software or a ‘Robot’to interpret old applications. The work of RPA involves processing transactions, monitoring data, replying to emails,eliciting responses, and communicating with other digital systems.At present, Robotic Process Automation is not only revolutionizing the administrative process of an organization but also transforming IT support processes, workflow processes, remote infrastructure, and back-office work processes. RPA provides accuracy and increased productivity in transaction processing. Additionally, it has dramatically enhanced the work culture by removing people from monotonous, repetitive tasks, alongside saving time and money.

4.  Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a digital ledger that records transactions and keeps it secure owing to its encrypted and decentralized nature.Companies like FedEx, IBM, and Walmart have adopted blockchain technology and have shown successful results.Facebook has launched its personal blockchain-based cryptocurrency named Libra this year. Librawill allow users to send and exchange money without any extra charge.

5.  Edge Computing

2020 is the fascinating year for Edge Computing.Edge computing helps real-time and significant data to move more efficiently from one place to another. Thus, edge computing can be used to process time-sensitive data in locations that haverestricted or no connectivity to a centralized location. Since the amount of data,the organizations are dealing with isincreasing these days,the drawbacks of cloud computing are visible in suchcircumstances.

Some of the key highlights of edge computing include flexibility to deal with the current and future demands of artificial intelligence, avoiding network latency, and allowing faster responses.

6.  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is a part of Extended Reality (XR) that designsimmersive digital experiences for the latest and emerging technologies.Virtual reality immerses an individual experience into the world of computers that looks similar to the real world. On the other hand, augmented realityenhances the individual’s experience by overlaying digital objects onto the real-world using smartphone screens.Although these technologies are present in the tech world for a long time,they were mostly restricted to theentertainment world. But in the year 2020,we will be seeing different potentialities of VR and AR.This includes the emergence of VR and AR in the world of finance, education, marketing, medical, and so on.

7.  Cutting-Edge Technology

Cutting-edge technology refers to those tech gadgets or techniques that use the latest and high-level IT developments. In other words, cutting-edge technology has fully developed technology features that can be applied to any technology including engineering, medical, and other industries. Real-life examples of cutting-edge technologies are facial recognition, 3D scanning, virtual footwear, and so on.

8.  Smart Watch

Smartwatches are one of the latest technological trends of 2020. They are like smartphones that have a touchscreen and several applications. A smartwatch will allow you to receive phone calls, respond to notifications, track fitness, pulse rate, how many hours you have slept, and so on.

9.  Computer Vision

Computer vision can be used to describe such systems which help in recognizing people, items, places, and objects from visual images that are collected by a camera or sensor. This technology enables your phone camera to identify the part of the image it is capturing and powers technology like Google Image Search. An example of Computer Vision is Apple’s FaceID that permits individuals to unlock their gadgets with just a facial scan.

In the year 2020, computer vision will be used for multiple purposes. Several firms will use it to recognize defective products and machine productivity. Apart from this, security cameras will be able to identify and alert people to anything that seems out of the ordinary. However, organizations must know that state control and privacy rights are two big problems of Computer Vision.


The above new and emerging technologies will not only make the organizations prone to new opportunities in the tech industry but will also offer an update on the latest technological trends. In order to stay updated with the latest technological advances do read the best technology blogs of the tech bloggers and keep rising!