Learn How To Update Kodi With Quick Guide

Kodi is free application software that allows you to play digital music, video etc., This application is an open source software created by XBMC Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit technology consortium. The Kodi software is available for multiple Operating Systems like Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux, tvOS etc. This software also let users to stream videos from the video streaming sites by using required plugins. Users can also customize this application according to their wish with the help of various tools that will change the look of the application. Even you can also get the opportunity of video recording. Although, there are so many useful features that you can get with this application, even then, you can come across a variety of errors within this software. So, for that reason, you will have to know the process of how to update Kodi.

Instant Procedures To Update Kodi Software

In this section of the article, you will get the various points that will help you to update the Kodi software.

Steps Regarding How To Update Kodi Software From Official Website

  • Launch the web browser, then search for the official website of Kodi software. Next, access that website.
  • In the website, scroll down and choose the ‘Windows Logo’.
  • Next, from the new page tap on the button ‘INSTALLER’ to start downloading the software.
  • After the download process is over, double-click on the setup file to execute it. If Windows prompts for the confirmation then tap on ‘Yes’ button.
  • Now, the Kodi setup window will pop up. In that window tap on the button ‘Next’. Then, press the button ‘I Accept’ to accept the agreement of the license.
  • Now, choose the number of components that you want to install. It is better to install the software with its full features or components. After that, choose the button ‘Next’.
  • In the new page, choose the location where you want to install this application. To do it, tap on the ‘Browse..’ button and select a specific folder to install the application. Then again, select the ‘Next’ button.
  • Choose the ‘Install’ button to load the software onto the computer. Allow the computer to finish the installation process. When it is complete, then put a tick mark on the option ‘Run Kodi’ and tap on the button ‘Finish’.

Update Kodi Software In Windows 10 From Microsoft Store

  • First, in Windows 10 launch the ‘Microsoft Store’ window and within the search area of that window type in ‘Kodi’ and then tap on ‘Enter’.
  • From the result of that search, choose ‘Kodi’ and then hit the button ‘Get’. This will download and also install that application into your machine.
  • You will have to wait for both the process to complete. When the application is installed then you will see a button ‘Launch’. Once you hit this button, then the application will open.

Process To Update Kodi From The Kodi Repository

In this procedure, you will get the steps on how to update Kodi software from the application itself.

  • First, start the Kodi application present on your computer. Now, choose and tap on the ‘Gear’ icon which is beside ‘Power’ icon.
  • From the list of options, choose the option ‘Add-ons’. Then, inside the page ‘Add-ons’, choose the option ‘Install from repository’
  • Now, you can look into the list of repositories installed within Kodi. From that list choose the ‘Kodi Add-on repository’ options. Next, choose ‘Program add-ons’ option.
  • After that, from the new list, choose the option ‘Kodi Windows Installer’. Now, go to the bottom of that list and hit ‘Install’ button.
  • After the installation is complete, tap the ‘Esc’ key to go the home page of the application. Next, choose ‘Add-ons’.
  • Now, from the new list choose the option ‘Program add-ons’. Then, go to the ‘Kodi Windows Installer’ tool and tap on it to run.
  • Within the installer, choose ‘Kodi 17.3’ from the list. This will start to download the Kodi software into your machine and thus the software will get updated.

How To Update Kodi On FireStick Using A Reliable Software

  • First, insert the FireStick on your TV. Then, choose the ‘Settings’ button. After that, go to the right side and choose ‘Device’.
  • Now. within the ‘Device’ menu, select the ‘Developer Options’. Under that heading, select the ‘ADB debugging’ and ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ options and enable it.
  • After that, go back to the section ‘Preference’ and then choose the option ‘ADVERTISING ID’. Under that option toggle off the sub-option ‘Interest-based Ads’.
  • Now, move back to the homepage of this software. Then, choose the button ‘Search’. In the text area type the name of reliable software. Next, when you find that reliable software, then choose the Download button in order to install that software in your FireStick.
  • After the reliable software is downloaded then choose the button ‘Open’ to start it, then hit the button ‘OK’.
  • To download the Kodi 17.3 type the following web address – ‘′ and then hit the ‘Go’ button to start downloading the Kodi software.
  • When the download process is complete, you will get a prompt to install it in your FireStick. Just press the button ‘Install’ on the lower right edge of the screen.
  • Allow the application to get installed on the device. After the installation is over, there will be a message on the screen that says ‘App Installed’. Now, at the bottom of the screen, you can either tap on ‘DONE’ to close the reliable software or hit ‘OPEN’ to launch Kodi.

How To Update Kodi On Android Using Google Play Store

  • First, start the ‘Play Store’ application on the Android device. Next, log into it using your ‘Google Play’ account.
  • Within the application, tap on the search area and type Kodi. Then from the results of the search, choose the Kodi application.
  • After that, you will see the page, that has a name of Kodi within the ‘Play Store’ application. Now, tap on the ‘Update’ button to download the Kodi application and then wait for the update to get installed. After the installation is complete hit the ‘Open’ button to launch this application.

Final Words

If you follow the simple steps given in the previous section on how to update Kodi carefully then you able to do so very easily. As for every kind of Operating Systems the update process is there, so there will be no problem in updating the Kodi software as well. But, even after following these simple steps you fail to do so then don’t forget to leave your comments.

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