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How to Update Garmin GPS? Implement Easy Hacks

In case you are fade up at Siri or puzzling over to search an address, Garmin GPS can be the ultimate rescue for you.

Thus, you should always keep the Garmin GPS up to date. But if you don’t know the procedures and want to know how to update Garmin GPS then here is the exact information.

The first and foremost thing that you will require to update Garmin GPS is a proper internet connection. Therefore, go through the steps that are stated below to complete the task hassle-freely.

Learn How to Update a Garmin GPS:

A Garmin GPS can take you everywhere you want to go by giving you a turn-by-turn direction. But as new roads are built and old roads get closed, these turn-by-turn instructions should adapt to the changing landscape. 

Therefore, here are the steps that help you to know how to update a Garmin GPS easily.

Step 1: Connect your Device to a Computer

Connect your Device to a Computer

Before updating your Garmin GPS you have to connect your GPS device to a computer or laptop. For doing the same, remove the Garmin GPS from your truck, car, or any other vehicle. Also, ensure that your device is switched on.

Now, take a mini USB cable and hook the Garmin GPS to your laptop. Now, keep waiting until the progress bar starts to scroll. If it is the first time then, you have to sign in manually.

So, navigate to the Garmin Account page and sign in by providing the credentials. But if you have connected before then prompts will start automatically.

Step 2: Download Garmin Express

Download Garmin Express

Once you have logged in successfully, it’s time to be sure that Garmin Express is installed on your computer. Now, navigate to the Garmin Express Download page and choose the correct option depending upon the OS that you are using.

So, if you are using Windows then select “Download for Windows” and if you are using a Mac then click on the “Download for Mac”.When the installation process is completed, tap on the Install button walk-through the instructions shown on the screen.

Step 3: Access or Purchase Updates

Access or Purchase UpdatesNow, install the updates that are available for you. In case you notice the Garmin Express is not launching on your device then check that you are connected with a stable internet connection. Next, tap on the “Add a Device” and navigate your GPS.

It will start to search for the available updates. Have a click on the “Select All” option and complete the installation process. In case you did not purchase the lifetime updates then as soon as possible purchase them.

Step 4: Disconnect your Device

Disconnect your Device

Once you have completed the purchase then select the “Eject” option. It will then disconnect your device. Now, remove the USB cable also. After that, install your GPS back in your vehicle and the update process will be completed.

Additional Tips:

  • Remember that, you can get free updates for only ninety days after it connects to a satellite for the first time.
  • Users can purchase a lifetime subscription update from the Garmin site.
  • Garmin units such as LM, LMT, LT are mainly eligible to get the free update.

Wrapping Up…

Hopefully, the above information will be beneficial for you to update Garmin GPS easily. For further queries, you can opt for a tech-expert who can help you by providing more effective solutions regarding your doubts.