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How To Update Echo Dot Firmware (Step-Wise Guide)

Amazon has become quite popular due to its Echo series of devices. These smart devices allow you to perform various activities through voice commands. Through these devices you can interact with and command Alexa, the virtual AI assistant, offered by Amazon. 

With Echo devices, you can solve all your queries through Alexa. You can enquire about your Amazon orders, ask about the weather, traffic, daily news and many several other such aspects. Moreover, you can also control the electrical equipments of your house, play songs, movies and much more. 

Echo devices have made life quite simple and effortless. However, to make sure these devices run smoothly, they need crucial firmware updates. 

About Echo Dot Firmware Update

To get new updates on your Echo devices, you need to install the latest firmware. However, Echo Dot devices are designed to update their firmwares automatically (generally in the middle of the night). But it needs to be connected to an active Internet connection. 

At times, however, the automatic process of update firmware Echo Dot can be interrupted due to network connection issues. In such a situation, you need to manually update the firmware on your Echo devices. 

How to Update Echo Firmware?

If you find that the automatic firmware update on your Echo device has stopped suddenly, you need to resort to the manual process. To perform the manual firmware update, go through the following steps:

Step 1

At first, you have to make sure that you have switched on the Echo Dot device and connected it to the Internet. Now, you must have the Alexa app on your device. 

Step 2

Once you access the Alexa app, look for the ‘Devices’ option. Thereafter, click on this option and then choose your Echo device from the list. Now, you have to de-register the Echo device from the Alexa app. When you do that, turn off the device for some time.

Step 3

After that, turn on the device. Now, you have to make sure to leave the Echo device undisturbed for at least an hour. You must avoid giving any command to the Echo device during this time period. 

Step 4

After some time, you will notice that the blue ring of the device will slowly turn into green. The green ring will thereafter start to spin around. This will signify that your Echo Dot device has started the update process for the firmware. 

Step 5

When the firmware update process gets over, the device will start to reboot on its own. After the firmware update is over, you need to perform the device setup once again. To perform the initial setup procedure you need the help of the Alexa app on your smartphone or computer.

Step 6

Perform the device setup carefully. You may also take help from the user manual guide that comes along with every device. Thereafter, register your Echo device on the Alexa application. Finally, connect the Echo Dot device to a network connection so as to enjoy the services once again. 

How to Check the Status of Your Echo Dot Firmware?

As mentioned earlier, Amazon’s Echo devices are capable of updating their firmware automatically. But this process can come to a halt due to a few specific reasons. So, to update the firmware automatically, you have to check the status of the firmware of your Echo device. 


To make sure that the firmware of your Echo device is updated, here’s what you should do:

Step 1

Firstly, connect to the Alexa app through your Windows computer. Thereafter, click on the ‘Menu’ option and then choose the ‘Settings’ option. Thereafter, once you enter the Settings section, click on ‘Devices’ option. Select your Echo device from the list. 

Step 2

After this, choose the ‘About’ option and then check the version of the firmware on your Echo Dot device. Note down the firmware version and then go to the official website of Amazon Alexa. Once on the website, make sure to check the current version of the device firmware. 

Step 3

After this, press the ‘Mute’ button located on the Amazon Echo Dot device. When you press the Mute button, the indicator light on the right side will turn to red. You have to keep the device in this muted mode for at least one hour. At the same time, make sure to keep your device connected to your wireless network. 

Developers introduce new updates so as to provide improved features and crucial security patches. Since Echo Dots are designed to perform a wide range of functions, they need their firmware updated from time to time. 

Although mostly automatic, Echo dot firmware update process can face certain issues. In such a situation you have to go for the manual procedure. If you are wondering how to update Echo Dot then go through the above solutions carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.How to reset the Echo Dot devices?

For resetting the Echo Dot you need to press the Volume Down and the Microphone Off buttons together for at least 20 seconds. You’ll notice the light of the ring turning orange in colour. This process is for second-generation Echo Dot devices. However, for third-generation devices press the Action key and hold it for 25 seconds. The ring will then turn orange. 

    2.What is the latest version of Echo Dot device software?

There are three generations of Echo Dot devices: First generation, second generation and third generation. The latest software version for the first, second and third-generation devices are 649598720, 649649820 and 3398730436 respectively.