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Efficient Methods On How To Update Bios HP With Simple Steps

The term BIOS is abbreviated as ‘Basic Input Output System’. Now a question may come into your mind regarding HP bios update. The Bios is a code which is on the ‘motherboard’ of the computer. When you start your computer you will see some instructions flashing on the computer screen. Those instructions are the BIOS. There is a need to update the BIOS on your system to keep the software updated on the computer.  , it keeps the computers safe and secured from the hackers and even from malware and virus attacks. Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss some efficient methods regarding how to update bios HP.

Why Do You Need To Update HP Bios?

BIOS is the most important feature of HP computers. By updating the BIOS you can keep the software of the HP computers up to date. Also, it will protect your computers from all the online threats including hacking and malware and virus attacks. Also it prevents breaching of the data.

Methods To Update HP Bios Update Windows 10

The methods to update BIOS in a Windows 10 HP computers and laptops are as follows:

  1. By updating through the Windows.
  2. With the bootable USB

By Updating Through The Windows

To update BIOS in a Windows computer follow the steps:

  1. At first, press the ‘Windows’ logo key from the keyboard.
  2. After that on the search panel type ‘’msinfo’ to open the ‘System Information’.
  3. Then check the information of the computer.
  4. Now search for the ‘BIOS version number’.
  5. Next, find the manufacturer site for the BIOS.
  6. Then locate the update file for the BIOS.
  7. Now check whether the file is new.
  8. Then download the BIOS file.
  9. After download the updates and then install it.

With The bootable USB

Go through the steps to update the BIOS in the computer using a bootable pendrive:

  1. At first, check whether there is sufficient charge in the battery of the computer in case you are  using the HP laptop.
  2. Then click twice on the ‘Zip ’folder and then open it.
  3. Now choose option Éxtract’ from the top,
  4. Then select the option Éxtract All’.
  5. Next, on the prompted window select Éxtract’.
  6. Then go through the ‘README’ file of the BIOS.
  7. Now connect a USB device to the computer.
  8. Then press the keys Çtrl’ and Ç’ together from the keyboard to copy the BIOS to the USB drive.
  9. Now press the control key and the letter ‘V’ from the keyboard to paste it.
  10. Then open the BIOS page of your computer.
  11. Now ‘back up’ the BIOS file if possible.
  12. Then the BIOS will be updated.
  13. After updating the BIOS reboot the computer.

Some Other Ways

Also you can update the BIOS on HP computers in this way:

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ logo key and the letter Í’together to open the ‘Settings’.
  2. Then on the ‘Settings’ page select the option  Úpdates & Security’ from the list.
  3. Now choose the option ‘Recovery’ from the left column.
  4. Then select ‘Restart Now’ to reboot the computer.
  5. After rebooting the computer choose the option ‘Troubleshoot’.
  6. Now select Ádvanced Options’ and then select ÚEFI Firmware Settings’.
  7. After that select the option ‘Restart’ again to reboot it.

Thus in this way you can resolve the issue without wasting much time.

Hopefully this will somehow help you to resolve the issue. For any other queries related to the HP computers and laptops you can check our websites regularly.