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How To Update Avast SafeZone Browser

The users who have already installed Avast SafeZone Browser on their devices are quite confused with the discontinuation of this browsing program. If you are one of them, you are aware of the issue and there is nothing you can do other than upgrading to Avast latest browser. However, there are alternate ways to update your SafeZone browser. If you too have the query how to update Avast SafeZone Browser, this article can help.

Here, you can get a few easy techniques to resolve the notification message on your PC to update an outdated SafeZone browser. For those who think it’s another malware link, you can follow this article to know how to uninstall the SafeZone browser.

How To Update Avast SafeZone Browser: Easy Steps

When Avast launched the free SafeZone browser, it was meant for users to carry out private transactions online. It was available with some inbuilt plugins including do-not-track, video downloader, passwords, and ad blockers. So, if somehow you are unable to update the Avast browser on your system, it can cause issues during your browsing session. Hence, it is mandatory to update the browser in order to prevent any possible online threats. Also, it will allow you to use plugins and browser extensions required to carry out online transactions on your PC.

However, there are many Avast users who are clueless regarding the updating to a new browser. Since they are not aware of how to update Avast SafeZone using any other alternative method.

Steps To Update Avast SafeZone Browser

Steps To Update Avast SafeZone Browser

Many Avast users are getting links to update SafeZone to the latest Avast Secure browser. According to developers, the Avast Secure Browser is much more advanced as it comprises of necessary security fixes. Also, it contains some wonderful features as discussed in the above segment.

So, if your device is already having Avast SafeZone installed in it, you can easily receive the updates to migrate to Avast Secure Browser. Now, check out the steps that can help you to update Avast browser files in your system.

  1. Open the SafeZone browser program loaded on your PC and click on Menu. Select ‘Settings’ and select ‘Update’ from the left pane of the window. On the right side, your screen will display the current version of the SafeZone browser along with its release date.
  2. Under this information, you can see a message notification that states that a new Avast version is available. It indicates the latest program of Avast Secure Browser, which is now ready to be installed on your device.
  3. Then click on the Update button to download and install the Avast Secure browser on your PC. Otherwise, you can search for the relevant executable file (.exe) of this Avast Secure program and install it manually on your device.

When you click on Update, there is no need to remove the current program of SafeZone Browser.

Beneficial Features Of Updating Avast Browser

Here are some features that you can enjoy after updating this browser. So, check out the following benefits of this browser that you can keep using after applying the updates.

  • Ad blocker to prevent showing up annoying ads.
  • Advanced protection from keyloggers, viruses, and malware
  • Provides ‘SafePrice’ addon that notifies you regarding cheapest offers available from trusted participating online shops.
  • Offers inbuilt video downloader to download videos from various websites.
  • Prevents phishing attacks from unreliable sources or hackers.
  • Filter out websites having a low reputation to show up in your browser.
  • Allows the user to make use of bank mode on the browser for a secured transaction.

Steps To Remove Avast SafeZone Browser From Your PC

Steps To Remove Avast SafeZone Browser From Your PC

For those who are experiencing issues with the installation of Avast Secure Browser, you can uninstall SafeZone manually. These steps are also applicable for those who are not interested in updating Avast browser or getting malicious links on how to update Avast SafeZone Browser.

  1. To uninstall Avast SafeZone, go to Windows Start Menu and access Settings. Then select ‘System’ and go to left-side of the menu to click on ‘Apps & Features’. After this, click on the SafeZone Browser and find the option to hit ‘Uninstall’ button. Make sure to clear all the browsing data including your account info.
  2. You can use an alternative way to uninstall Avast SafeZone by means of the Control Panel. Then choose ‘Programs and Features’ and locate the icon of SafeZone Browser. If you have already updated this version of the browser, then look for the icon of Avast Secure Browser. Then right-click on the symbol of the Avast browser and select ‘Change/Uninstall’ option.


Hence, in this article, you come across the two possible ways to deal with the notification of updating the SafeZone Browser. If you really need this browser on your PC, then follow the steps to upgrade to Avast Secure Browser and then update it in your device. Otherwise, you can simply follow the instructions to uninstall the Avast SafeZone/ Secure Browser if it is a malware.