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Wondering “How To Uninstall HP Protecttools?” – Do It Just with the Most Effective Steps

Most of the HP device users install the HP ProtectTools on their HP computer in order to keep their data and device safe and secure. However, some users have encountered different errors while using the HP ProtectTools Security Manager.So, are you facing such kind of HP ProtectTool related issues? Or do you want to switch to the other better security software?  Then, you might need to uninstall the HP ProtectTools as soon as possible. This is why most of the users are dealing with the same query “How to uninstall HP ProctecTools?

Therefore, if you also want to Uninstall HP ProtectTols then, you can follow the below directions in order to uninstall the HP ProtectTools Security Manager.

How to Uninstall HP ProtectTools Security Manager?

Well, in this section, we have mentioned step by step procedure to uninstall the HP ProtectTools Security Manager. So, check out the below directions and apply them in order to get the most effective results.

1st Step:

 In order to smoothly execute the un-installation process, you need to log in to your own device as ‘Administrator.’ After that, to end related processes:  ‘hpqWmiE.exe’ and ‘pthosttr.exe’, run the ‘Windows Task Manager’ as the Manager set to run with Windows by default.

2nd Step:

Now, navigate to the Windows ‘Start Menu’ and then, go to the ‘Control Panel.’ After that, look for and select the ‘Uninstall A Program’ (for Windows 7/8/8.1) or ‘Add Or Remove Programs’ (only for XP SP3 users)

3rd Step:

Here, you can check out the system programs list (“Uninstall or Change A Program” or “Currently Installed Programs”), find out the unwanted HP ProtectTools Security Manager. Once you find that software simply hit the Remove or Delete button behind it.

4th Step:

Therefore, you need to select the Yes option from  “Programs & Features” or “Add/Remove” in order to confirm the process.

5th Step:

Furthermore, wait while your Windows configure the process automatically. Once the uninstallation process is over, restart your device.

Bottom Line:

We hope that after following the above steps, you can easily uninstall the HP ProtectTools. In case, you find any difficulties in catching-up the steps then, it is better to take expert assistance. Furthermore, you can share your experience in the feedback section below.