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How To Undisable Apple ID: Solutions In An Instant

Apple Inc is a multinational company that manufactures and sells high-quality electronic gadgets and softwares. It is rated as one of the top electronic device manufacturers in the world. The Apple hardware products include the Apple iPads which generally include tablets, smartphones known as Apple iPhones. Moreover, they also have iPods and laptops in the form of Mac and Apple smartwatches. When it comes to superior performance, it certainly tops the list. However, like all the other gadgets Apple devices are also not free from technical glitches. One of the common queries among the Apple users is “how to undisable Apple ID”.

The Apple users require this when someone tries to access your Apple account and might end up giving wrong passwords and security questions several times. In such cases, your Apple ID disabled automatically. This is done because of some security measures. If you want an answer of how to undisable Apple ID then follow this article.

Why Is My Apple ID Disabled?

There are some reasons which make your Apple ID disabled. Looking for how to enable Apple ID? Before that take a look at why such security measures are taken. Apple software is quite advanced. This means it can detect technical glitches and security issues easily. There can be a possibility that you have entered a wrong Apple ID or password many times in succession. This results in the blocking of your Apple ID.

Moreover, if you have kept your Apple ID idle for a long time, then it might have been removed from the database temporarily. You need to restore your account by contacting the Apple support team. Take a look at some of the error codes which you might see if your Apple ID disabled App Store when you download it.

  • The Apple ID has been disabled for security reason.
  • The Apple ID has been locked for security reasons.

How To Undisable Apple ID Effectively

You need to get the access of your Apple ID soon if it has been disabled. This is because you can’t use the Apple devices properly if you can’t log in to your Apple account. Have a look at some of the hacks which will give an answer to how to undisable Apple ID.

Pay Apple ID Charges

There can be cases where Apple has automatically disabled your account because of an unpaid ID charges. Take a look at the ways to access your account again. First of all, you need to open a web browser, preferably Safari and log in to your Apple account. You will notice that you have “unpaid charges” there. Pay the necessary charges. Then you have to wait for approximately 10 hours to enable your Apple ID. Now test if the restrictions from your Apple device are off or not. Reset your Apple ID password after that. At last, log out from the Apple account and check again.

Sign In From A Different Account

You can check whether the problem is with the Apple account or with the device. Therefore, you need to create a new account and sign in with a different account. Take a look at how to undisable Apple ID by signing in with a different account. First of all, remove the existing account that is having a problem. Then go to the Settings of your Apple device. Now, choose the option “Sign in to your iPhone/iPad”. Create a new Apple ID along with a strong password. After that hit the “Sign in” button. This will create a different account. Now see if the same error messages are occuring or not. If you still face issues regarding this then take the help of professionals.