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Simple And Easy Hacks To Unblock Plugin Safari

Blocking of the plugins on the Safari web browser is not new. Apple has initiated to block the extensions for safety reasons so that no machines can be harmed from any kind of malicious software. When any plugin is obsolete then, Apple deems it as vulnerable and thus blocks it. Although this procedure is good for the machines, the users find it problematic because when they attempt to browse some websites and due to the plugin blockage that site cannot be fully viewed. So, in this article, we are going to provide the steps to unblock plugin Safari. In the section that follows next, we will provide you with the definition of plugins within Safari.

About Plugins present within the Safari Web Browser

Plugins are small programs that get executed within a browser where it is installed. Basically, these applications add an extra benefit and thus increase its power of interaction with the user. Similarly, in the Safari web browser, there is an opportunity to insert plugins, so that, the functionality of it can be enhanced to an extreme. Within the Safari browser itself, there is one plugin already present which is the normal ‘Java’ extensions. But, you can also install some other plugins according to your needs. You can get all the information about the plugins that are present within this browser. For that, follow the steps underneath.

  • First, switch on the Mac. Then, launch the Safari web browser from the dock on the desktop.
  • After that, within the window of the browser, locate and choose the ‘Help’ menu item at the top part of that window.
  • Next, from the popup options list that comes up, select the ‘Installed Plug-ins.’ option.
  • At last, another window will come up. Inside this, you will get all the information related to every plugin that is installed on this browser. Some of the information presented is the ‘source file’, ‘version number’, ‘type of MIME’, etc.

How to Unblock Plugin Safari? – Easy Solution

In this section of the article, you will get the various points that can help you to easily correct and eliminate the problem that you face when some websites are blocked forcefully by Apple. Further, you will get to know how to unblock plug in safari. For that, you will have to follow the points mentioned underneath.

Steps to Update Adobe Flash Player

You can not unblock plugin Safari if the Flash Player is not up to date or obsolete. Thus, the solution to correct this problem is to perform an update of the Adobe Flash Player. Follow the steps underneath to do this.

  • First, on the ‘Flash out of date’ icon, tap the arrow present on its right side.
  • After that, a message box pops up, that tells that the Adobe Flash Player is obsolete. Now, on that box hit the button ‘Download Flash’.
  • Next, after the download gets over, then open the folder ‘Downloads’. Then, within this folder, double-click on the file ‘Install_Flash_Player’.
  • When the installer pops up, then put a tick mark on the option ‘I have read and agree to the terms of the Flash Player Licence Agreement’. Next, tap on the button ‘Install’.
  • Now, you will get a prompt to enter the passcode and then, hit the ‘OK’ button.
  • Lastly, if any other browser or Safari itself is open during the update process then, an alert message box will come up. So, close the browser first. Next, tap on the ‘Retry’ button.

Procedure to unblock plugin Safari

Here, in this section, you will get the process on how to enable the extensions or plugins within the Safari web browser. Therefore, follow the steps beneath, to resolve blocked plugin Safari Mac.

  • First, launch the Safari web browser from the dock present on the Mac desktop.
  • Once this browser opens up, tap on the ‘Apple logo’, on the top left corner of the screen to get to the menu.
  • Now, you will get the options list. From that list, choose the option ‘Preferences’.
  • Next, a new window will open up. Within this window, locate and choose the tab ‘Security’.
  • After that, just put a checkmark on the option ‘Allow Plug-ins’


You can resolve the issue unblock plugin Safari easily by following the points mentioned previously carefully. If you are unable to do it, even after following each and every step on the above section, then do not worry. Put your query on the comment section but further assistance.