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How To Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 10 [SOLVED]

You may find it difficult to turn on the Bluetooth on Windows 10. Have a look at this article and learn how to enable Bluetooth on Windows 10. But before that, you need to know when you should enable Bluetooth in your system. If you want to send any important documents while you don’t have internet connection in your system, then you can turn on the Bluetooth of your device and share the information with others who are within reach. Moreover, in some cases, sending pictures through any other software decreases the quality. So, it is better to transfer pictures through the Bluetooth.

How To Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 10?

If you want to transfer data through Bluetooth and are stuck with how to enable the feature in your computer, then follow these easy hacks to quickly switch on the Bluetooth and transfer files without any hassle.

Activate Bluetooth Using Action Center

If you want to avail the most instant process to enable Bluetooth, then you can use the “Action Center” option for your Operating System. Open the Action Center by clicking or tapping on the Action Center symbol located at the bottom-right corner of your screen. Also, you can press Windows + A keys simultaneously from your keyboard. A list will appear containing the quick actions. Now, press the Bluetooth button.


There can be chances that you might notice just four options in the quick actions list. You have to expand it, and then you should see the Bluetooth option too. If you find that the button is not visible, then it indicates that the Bluetooth chip on your Windows 10 device is not present. In such circumstances, you have to use a Bluetooth USB adapter. When you enable the Bluetooth in your device, the Bluetooth button gets activated. You can also notice a Bluetooth symbol present in the notification panel of your taskbar.


The Bluetooth feature will now be activated on your Windows 10 device, and you can use all the features and accessories of the Bluetooth.

Activate The Bluetooth Feature From Settings

There is another procedure to turn on Bluetooth feature in your system using the Settings app. An instant process to perform that is to press Windows + I keys on your keyboard or click on its shortcut from the Start Menu.

Disabling Bluetooth On Windows 10

The steps to turn off Bluetooth in Windows 10 are the same that you have performed while activating it. Bluetooth also gets disabled when you activate the airplane mode in WiFi and other sorts of wireless connection.


The steps to enable Bluetooth on Windows 10 are not that difficult to execute. Also, the process to turn it off is quite easy. We hope that you have got the necessary solutions that you required, from this article. Therefore, enable the Bluetooth feature and make the most of it.