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Learn How To Turn Off Windows 10 Updates With Simple Hacks

The Windows 10 users often complain about encountering issues while trying to stop the automatic Windows updates. If you have the Windows 10 Update Assistant installed in your system, it might create unnecessary and serious issues preventing you to work properly. If you are facing similar issues and do not know the ways of how to turn off the Windows 10 updates, go through the article to know more about the error. Fix the glitch immediately by trying them.


Guidelines On How To Turn Off Windows 10 Updates

If you are encountering the error and looking for ways on how to turn off the Windows 10 updates instantly, go through the easy procedures given below:

Method 1: Disable Windows Update Service

Before trying other complicated ways, you can disable the Windows update service to fix the turn off the Windows 10 updates easily. Upon disabling the automatic update service, it will temporarily discontinue the Windows 10 updates. The service will then re-enable itself after a few minutes. Go through the steps:

At first, from the keyboard, you need to press on the Windows logo key and R together. It will invoke the Run dialog box.
When the window opens, type the services.msc, command and then press on the Enter key.
Now, you need to scroll down to Windows Update and then double click on it.
Next,in the Startup type, you need to select the Disabled option and finally select the Apply and OK options to save the changes that you have made.


Method 2. Change Settings Of Group Policy Editor

The Group Policy Editor is a new feature which you can only avail if you are a Windows 10 user. Hence, you can also try to change the settings of the Group Policy Editor and then stop the Windows 10 update. The group policy editor notifies you whenever it is installing the new updates. Perform the following steps to fix the glitch:

Choose the Windows logo key and R at the same time to invoke the Run dialog box.
When the dialog box appears, you need to enter the gpedit.msc, command and then click OK.
Now, you need to go to the Computer Configuration option and then select the Administrative Templates option.
Hit on the Windows Update option under the Windows Components option and double-click on the Configure Automatic Updates option.
Finally, you need to select the Disabled in Configured Automatic Updates and click on Apply and on OK as well to disable the Windows automatic update feature.


Method 3. Meter Your Network Connection


You have to ignore this method if you are using an Ethernet connection as you can only disable the automatic updates if you use a Wi-Fi connection. Follow the steps given below to stop the Windows 10 automatic updates:

First, click on the Start menu and then click on the Settings application.
Now, you need to select the Network & Internet option.
Click on the Wifi option and then you need to click on the name the Wi-Fi connection that you are using.
Finally, click on the “Set as metered connection” option to turn on the option.


Method 4. Change The Windows 10 Updates Using Registry

If none of the methods work for you, change the Windows 10 updates to fix the stop Windows 10 update error.

Click on the Windows logo key and also on R. It will open the Run dialog box.
When the Box appears on your computer screen, you need to type regedit and then click on OK to open the Registry.
Browse the following path and then click on the Windows key and click on the New option.
Now, select Key and provide a new name. Press the Enter key.
Click on the newly created key and select the New and also on Key.
Now, name the new key and hit the Enter button. Inside the newly created key, you need to right-click on the right side and then select the New option and click on DWORD (32-bit) Value.
Again add a name to the new key and press Enter. You need to double-click on the newly created key and then change its value to 2. Finally, click on the OK and close the registry to complete the process.

The methods mentioned above are a few of the easy yet effective fixes which you can try to turn off Windows 10 updates error in no time.