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How To Turn Off Notifications On Windows 10 : The Ultimate guide

As time passes, Windows 10 is becoming more and more famous due to its apps and easy to use UI. It is also getting a lot of hype form the users for its enhanced Windows 7 elements which were left out on the Windows 8/8.1. But even with all of this great things, Windows 10 is still troubling users due to bugs and errors which enters the OS with every new update. Still, these minor setbacks didn’t stop users from using Windows 10 as their primary OS.

Apart from the bugs and errors, there are a few apps and features which are bothersome but also useful to many users. The prime example of such thing is the “Notification” section. Many users like its integration on the OS but some of them are also complaining about its presence.

Here, we are going to discuss the ways to disable it.


Ways To Disable “Notification” On The Windows 10 


The implementation of the ” Notification” feature on Windows 10 is a very good decision. It helps a lot of users to gain the power of a smartphone on a laptop/desktop. But many users got frustrated by it due to its sound and disturbing nature. Therefore if you are one of those users then here are some ways to disable it.


Turn Off Notification 

To do this first you need to the Setting app with the help of ” Windows Key + I”.  Now in the Setting app, you need to find the Notification and Action option and open it. That click will lead you to a page which contains all the settings of the Action Center and Notifications. Now there you will find a System icon. Click on that which will lead you to another page where you will find Notifications and Actions option on the left side of that page. Give a click on that also.

Here, you will get some toggle buttons which controls different types of Notification settings.  Turn off all of them if you want to disable the Notification feature completely or you can turn off some specific elements of the Notification feature.


Mute Windows Notification 

By this way, you will be able to hide your notification without switching them off completely. But for this you to use the Focus Assist.

To do this, first, open the Action Center with the help of “Windows key + A “. Here, you will find a moon icon. Click on that to active the Focus Assist. This will mute and hide all the notification from 12 am to 6 am.

Now you can customize the Focus Assist with Settings. To make changes, first right-click on the Focus Assist icon and that will pop up a menu. From there you need to select the Settings to access the Focus Assist setting page.  There you can select and customize the Time, Priority Levels on different notifications, etc.


We hope this article is able to provide you with enough information that can clam your queries regarding the notification feature.