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How To Turn Off ‘Find My iPhone’ Without Password | Easy Hacks

It won’t be wrong to say that Apple knows how to take care of their customers. ‘Find my phone’ is one feature from Apple that allow users to track their iPhone and iPad. Even Macbook has ‘Find my Mac’ feature in it.

What if you want to turn off this feature? You might want to do so if you are giving your phone to someone else. Or maybe if you want to replace the phone. If you don’t remember the password, or you are confused with how you can turn off ‘find my iPhone’ feature without password, read the article to mitigate your worries.

Disabling “Find My iPhone” on iOS 7 Without Password

iOS7, like all the other Apple devices, need the password for turning off this feature. But there is a way to do that without password as well. Go to the iCloud settings and tap on the option of deleting your account.

Toggle the ‘find my iPhone’ feature to disable. You will see a popup window requesting you to enter your password. Hold down the power button for turning off your iPhone.After that, restart your phone.

Navigate to iCloud settings again and select delete my account option. Turn the feature of finding your iPhone to disable, and it will be done.

Disabling “Find My iPhone” on iOS 10 Without Password

If you have iOS 10, you can disable this feature without password on it as well. If you are confused about how to turn off find my iphone without password, go to your iCloud account and then to the Settings. Delete your password and in its place put any other code. Select ok.

Your iPhone will give you the wrong ID and password error message. Click on OK. Then click on cancel at the top of the window. You will be taken to the iCloud page, there, click on Account and delete the descriptions.

Click Ok to confirm your actions. This would take you to the main page of iCloud. You will see that the feature of finding your iPhone has been disabled.

Turning Off ‘Find My Mac’ Without Password

If you have OS X, you can easily turn off this feature with just four keys- Option, Command, P, and R. If you could just reset the PRAM, the security features of your Mac won’t work anymore. To Reset PRAM or NVRAM, turn off your Mac and turn it on. Immediately press Option, Command, P, and R keys together for at least 20 seconds.

If your Mac plays starting sound, release the keys when you hear the second one. While for the Mac with Apple T2 Chip, only release the keys when you see Apple logo disappearing for the second time.
Your Mac will start and you will be able to go to the system preferences page where you can reset any system setting you want.

However, this is more like a flaw in OS X. if you own a Mac and you aren’t giving it away or replacing it, it is advisable to add a firmware password to it. For adding the firmware password turn off your Mac and then restart it. Immediately hold down command and R keys on the sound of startup sound for downloading recovery OS X.

There you will see a Utility menu, select firmware password from there and click on Enable option. Now, enter a strong password, confirm by entering again and then verify. Click on the set password option and to shut down the utility firmware password, select Quit Firmware Utility option. From the Apple menu and restart your Mac to activate your firmware password. Hope this article was helpful in providing you with suitable solutions regarding how to turn off find my iphone without password.