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Learn How To Turn Off Facebook Notifications On Chrome

Facebook users get notifications every time they log into their accounts from any browser. It is not mandatory to stay online; only using the same browser and enabling the Facebook notifications are enough to remind you about Facebook Posts. However, it becomes an annoying issue if you are busy in other work and the beeping sounds distract your mind from your essential task. Then, the best idea is to disable it by keeping the rest of the notifications enabled. You may follow this article to turn off Facebook notifications without any hassle.

Easy Steps To Turn Off Facebook Notifications

There are several methods to disable the Facebook notifications. Here, we are going to discuss some of the easiest steps to resolve this irritating issue. So, you may try out the processes below as per your requirements to turn off the Facebook notifications.

Disable Facebook Notifications On Chromebook

Disable Facebook Notifications On Chromebook

First, open the Chrome browser by tapping on the Google Chrome icon. After that, you need to click to Menu icon from the upper right corner of the window.

Then, choose the Settings from the drop-down menu and scroll down the mouse pointer until you find the option Show Advanced Settings. Now, go to the Privacy and Security sections and click on the Content Settings.

Next, scroll down again and go to the Notification section. Double-click on it to open the new window. You will find another option ‘Ask Before Sending’. This option will be toggling by default until you disable it. So, disable it to fix the toggling state. It will turn off the Facebook Notifications.

Go to the Facebook Official Site to find the Allow Section. In the section, click on the 3-dot icon and tap on ‘Block’ to disable all the Facebook Notifications.

Disable Desktop Notifications

Disable Desktop Notifications

To turn off the desktop notifications, you need to first update the Chrome and then try the steps below to disable the notifications.

First, open the Facebook Sign In link and open the Facebook Login page. Here, you need to enter the correct username/email address/Phone number and the correct password to open your Facebook Account.

In the Account page, click on the Settings and choose the option Notifications from the left panel of that window. Next, tap on Desktop and Mobile to apply the action in both devices.

Then, go to the Desktop section. If you see the message “Notifications are enabled on this device,” then disable it by clicking on the Turn Off option. It will disable the Facebook Notifications on Chrome.

In this context, we have given all the possible solutions which will help to turn off the Facebook Notifications. Additionally, it is helpful to disable any app notifications in the same way. Keep reading about updates on Facebook. People are always searching for unique ways to increase their engagement and many of them look for growth tools or just buy Facebook likes on WP Dev Shed or from other sources. It’s the natural instinct of users nowadays to keep their Facebook accounts updated.