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Know How To Transfer Music From iPhone to Computer With Easy Steps

Gone are the days when you had to struggle, retrieving or saving your media files. Now, there are effecient ways to transfer and save all your collection. For a fact, proceeding smoothly is the real concern. In fact, when you are trying to proceed, things may get hard due to Apple’s legal protocol. When it comes to iPhone’s music player, Apple always makes sure it has a high-quality sound enhancer. However, the sad part is iPhone users cannot store many songs on their device. Therefore, transferring the files to the computer helps the users to free up some space on their phone. As a matter of fact, it is good to shuffle the device memory on a regular basis and have a backup of your favorite songs. So, here’s how to transfer music from iPhone to Computer, we have enlisted a few simple procedures to help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Additionally, backing up your data will surely prevent you from any accidental data loss. There are two ways in which you can complete the process. Have a look at them in the subsequent paragraphs. It is very much unfortunate that only iTunes understands the whole processing and recognizes audio files properly. iTunes also helps you to manage the tracks on the device.

Learn How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer

There are a lot of ways in which you can complete this process. In this article, we will discuss some of the most prominent ways. To transfer music from iPhone to the computer directory, you need to first, open the iExplorer in case you are using a Mac. Then attach your iPhone with the PC using a USB cable. After this, iTunes will prompt you to sync your device. You must click on No- or – Cancel.

Make sure all the music has been transferred to the computer, it is highly recommended that you must not sync the device to iTunes. In fact, syncing may lead to permanent data loss and this can really be frustrating.

Part 1: Transfer downloaded music from iPhone to the computer with a free iPhone data transfer software

To effectively transfer songs from iPhone to the computer, you can use a third party software. The software will efficiently help you transfer the files in a few simple steps. They also help in managing iPhone data with great ease and in addition, allows space to perform editing the phone contacts.

Part 2: Transferring Music

Make sure the music that you want to transfer is a purchased one. Transferring music from iPhone to Computer takes some time. The music that you want to transfer must be completely downloaded into your iTunes. Then, plug in one end of the iPhone’s charger cable (USB) into the phone and the other on the computer. Open iTunes after you are done attaching the phone with the computer. If you are unable to locate the iTunes then it is a multi-color musical note with a white background. The application will open in seconds. In case, you are being prompted for an upgrade, click Download and update your iTunes. Now, you must go for a restart before you go ahead with the further processing.

After you are done with the upgrade, Open iTunes and click on the File option. Then Select ‘Devices’. After this, click on the option, ‘Transfer purchases and Name’. Upon clicking this option, all your stored music will be transferred from the iPhone to the computer.

Part 3: You can Manually Add items From iTunes

Connect your iPhone to the computer, then Open iTunes, but make sure you have the latest iTunes version. After opening iTunes, choose the contents from the list that you want to transfer from your phone to the computer. Then, look at the left side of the device screen, and drag the content.

There you go! All your music is finally transferred to the computer.

Part 4: Transfer music from iPhone to a computer by streaming

After discussing all the traditional ways of transferring music from iPhone to the computer, let us now move to an unconventional way. There are many applications available on the app market that can help you stream data from your iPhone to one computer. Apowersoft Phone Manager is one of those. You can use the software to transfer music via streaming:

  • To implement this method, first, download and launch the Apowersoft tool on your computer.
  • After this, you have to connect your computer and the iPhone with the same wifi connection.
  • Enable Airplay by going to the control center on your iPhone.
  • Choose the computer and then switch on the mirroring option.
  • After this, you can play any song on your iPhone, it will also play on your computer.

With these ways, you have now learned how to import music from iPhone to Computer. Apply these ways so that you can complete transferring music from iPhone to Computer with ease.

Now, when you have come across various ways of transferring music from iPhone, it will be easy for you to clear up space on your iPhone. As we know, music occupies a lot of space on the device memory, which can turn in slow performing. Go for a one-stop tool that will help you manage the device without the use of any other application. To experience the flawless services, go for genuine ways so that you avoid unnecessary troubles with your iPhone.

Other Ways You Can Try

You can also go for downloading iFunbox. As a matter of fact, your iPhone acts as a flash USB drive. With this, you can easily to transfer music from your iPhone to any PC. Another key factor, the application does not even require registration, so surely worth trying. Moreover, it works on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Select accordingly and go ahead with the easy transfer of music from the iPhone to a computer.

So, this is all about transferring media files to the Computer. By now you should be able to conduct the process on your own. If you find this helpful, be sure to let us know in the comment section below.