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Learn How To Temporarily Disable Avast Antivirus To Run Specific Programs On Windows

If you compare the security aspects of Avast Antivirus, it offers one of the best protection features but, disabling the program temporarily can be necessary sometimes. Usually, the requirement of disabling security software can arise when they cause any conflict with other programs. Also, you may want to turn Avast Off when the system is connected to an unstable internet connection. This is mostly done, as enabling the Antivirus program can end up downloading unnecessary updates. Also, there can be instances when running this Antivirus can use enough CPU or disk resources. So, in order to relieve the system from the burden of Avast software, you can disable it. For those who want to remove this protection software, you can go through this article to turn Off Avast without permanent deletion. Here, you will get to learn how to temporarily disable Avast Antivirus by following the step-by-step procedure.

How to Temporarily Disable Avast Antivirus using Step-by-Step Instructions

If you want to understand how to temporarily disable Avast Antivirus, there are many methods to do so. However, you need to think about both the consequences and benefits of removing or keeping this antivirus program. In case, you don’t want to delete Avast Antivirus, disabling it temporarily can be really beneficial. So, let’s have a look at some of the methods to turn Off Avast Antivirus temporarily.

Method 1: Turn Off Avast Antivirus by Turning Off all Shields

Turn Off Avast Antivirus by Turning Off all ShieldsOpen Windows taskbar on your PC and find the icon of Avast Antivirus from the list. Then, right-click on this security program and it will display few options in the form of the drop-down menu.

So, you need to choose the option of ‘Avast shields control’ for enabling further settings to disable it. The security shield will offer few disabling options, which you can select as per your device’s requirement.

It includes turning Off Avast Antivirus for 10 minutes, 1 hour, and even allows the users to disable it permanently. There is one more option, where you can keep Avast disabled until the next Windows restart. So, if you are looking for steps on how to disable Avast Antivirus temporarily for a specific time period, this method is best.

After selecting your desired option to disable Avast Antivirus, confirm your action by pressing ‘Yes’ button. This will keep the feature of antivirus Off until you turn it On or the time set for disabling is over.

To confirm that Avast Antivirus is really turned Off for the system, access the main window of this application. There, you will get the statement stating that ‘All antivirus shields are Off’. However, if you somehow change your mind and want to re-enable Avast, simply hit the ‘Resolve’ button. As you press this tab, the status of Avast Antivirus will change to ‘You are protected’.


In case, there is an urgent requirement to run any application on your Windows, you can choose to add them in Avast Antivirus’s permanent whitelist. By adding certain programs into the whitelist, it will enable them to run smoothly. It will also ensure that the apps do not interfere with other programs when Avast is still running in your PC.

Method 2:  Stop Avast Antivirus Temporarily by Disabling Specific Shields

Stop Avast Antivirus Temporarily by Disabling Specific ShieldsAnother best way to turn Off Avast Antivirus is by disabling some of the shields serving specific purposes. This option is suitable for those who want to know how to temporarily disable Avast Antivirus without turning Off entire shields at once.

In order to try this method, you will have to access the main user interface on Avast Antivirus app window. Then, navigate to the tab of ‘Protection’ and select ‘Core Shields’. Here, you will be able to view the list of shields users can activate while running Avast software in their systems.

There is another way to open and disable specific Avast Antivirus shields by clicking on the ‘Settings’ tab. You can easily spot this feature at the bottom-left corner of Avast’s interface.

After this, click on the ‘Components’ from the main interface in Avast or you can select ‘Active Protection’ if using an older version. On clicking this tab, you can go through all the active shields provided along with Avast Antivirus. This can include Web Shield, Behavior Shield, File Shield, Mail Shield, and System Shield.

Now, you need to select the specific shield(s), which you need to turn Off to fix certain software conflicts. After clicking on the shield of your preference, choose how long you want Avast to remain inactive on your PC.

One of the major signs that indicate your shield is Off is when the switch changes to ‘Off’ position. Also, the green icon would turn into yellow along with the statement ‘File Shield is now off’. So, you can change this setting any time and re-enable Avast shields to protect your PC from virus and malware attacks.

Method 3: Uninstall Avast Antivirus and Remove all the Components

Uninstall Avast Antivirus and Remove all the ComponentsA majority of users can get annoyed due to update issues that come along with the installation of Avast Antivirus. Hence, for them, it will be a wise decision to know how to disable Avast Antivirus temporarily and also permanently. So, if you are looking for the steps to turn Off Avast on a permanent basis, check out the following information.

In order to ensure that you are deleting all the components of Avast Antivirus, try to obtain an Avast Uninstall program. You can easily get it from the official website of Avast or consult a technician to install the tool.

After launching the Avast Uninstaller, pay attention to popup messages from your Windows. It can be regarding initiating the uninstallation task when Windows in operating in Safe Mode. Hence, if you get such kind of popup notifications, you need to click on the gray tab of ‘Yes’.

Then, wait for your Windows to run the Avast Uninstall program and erase all the components from your PC. Once, you restart your device, hopefully, you won’t see the icon of Avast Antivirus anymore.

In case, you can’t turn Off Avast program on your PC using the methods discussed in this article, you can contact software specialists. They will be able to suggest how to temporarily disable Avast Antivirus using technical methods with step-wise guidance. Further, if the error stops bothering you after implementing the steps mentioned below, then share your experience in the comment box.