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Know How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 10

There are good reasons for what you want to capture a screenshot at Windows 10. A screenshot may be useful to quickly see which of your desktop is showing or to capture from the videos you need to share soon. It will help you with past archives. For example, it can help you to obtain the specific websites that you have seen before refreshing or have searched a few months ago. Read the article to learn how to take a screenshot on Windows.

Windows 10 October update brings a new procedure of taking the screenshot with the help of the default screenshot taking app “Snipping Tool” leaded with some extra features than previous.

This application does not allow to save the screenshot automatically. You need to follow some procedure to save it. Thus you need to go through the entire article and find the most suitable fixes for you. The article will explain you the tricks for taking a screenshot; it may help you to capture a picture of the entire screen of the device. Not only the whole screen, but you can also obtain a selected section to take a screenshot. It also explains to you how you can paste the screenshot to share with others or post it anywhere you want.

Why Can’t You Capture Screenshot Windows 10?


On the Windows Operating System, screenshot of games and media players sometimes crash, appearing in a blank box. It occurs when the graphics are skirting the whole screen and going to a high-speed graphics processor on the graphics card by using a program called hardware overlay. Generally, there are no ways to solve out the graphics card, although the software may exist for certain video cards.


How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 10: Possible Tricks

In case if you want to take a screenshot or want to paste it but you don’t know the procedure then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Method 1: Using The Snipping Tool
The snipping tool is available from Windows Vista. Tap on the “New” button to start the screenshot process. The in-built snip type is a square one, but you can also customize it. Choose a free-form and full-screen snippets with a window snip. The Snipping Tool will not save the screenshots automatically. You need to copy the snaps to the clipboard by clicking on it.
Press the PrtScn button from the keyboard to take the entire screen. The screenshot will be copied to the clipboard but not save as a file. Therefore, you need to open Microsoft paint and paste the snap and save it from here.

Else you can also press the PrtScn key to start the Snip & Sketch tool. Go to the “Settings” option. Now choose, “Ease of Access” by clicking on it. Then, select “Keyboard” and toggling on “Use the PrtScn button to open screen snipping” under Print Screen Shortcut.

Method 2: By Windows Key + Print Screen


By this procedure, you can also take a screenshot. Press the Windows key and PrtScn key simultaneously on the keyboard. It will help you to capture the screenshot of the full screen and save it automatically.

The screen will temporarily faint for some seconds to indicate that you have taken the screenshot. Now, go to the option “Pictures” and then on “Screenshots Folder”.


Alternative Fixes You Can Try!

Method 3: By Windows Key + Shift-S

This is the third method you can choose. Press the Windows key and shift-S button at the same time. Then at the top of the screen, you will the Snip & Sketch’s small menu and you have to choose the sort of the screenshot you are capturing. Hope by this process you will be able to take a screenshot properly.

Method 4: By Alt + Print Screen

If you are in a hurry and want to capture a screenshot immediately, then this process will help you a lot. Press the shortcut key Alt and PrtSc altogether. By this method, you will be able to take a screenshot of the existing window.

This will capture the present active window and also copy the screenshot to the clipboard. Thus, you must open the shot in any of the image editors, having in your device to save it.

Method 5: By Windows Logo + Volume Down

First of all, you need to press the Windows Logo button and hold the volume down button of the device. After a while, go to the “Pictures” option and then select the “Screenshot folder” to check the snap.


How To Take High-Quality Screenshots?

This process will help you to take a high-quality screenshot as well. To do so, at first you need to press and hold the Windows key and PrtScn at the same time. Else you can also press the PrtScn and volume down button. You can see that the screen will dim for some time.
Now, with the help of the mouse navigate to the Search option. Then go to, “File Explorer” and after that select “File Explorer” shortcut.

Now, from the list of the options, choose “Libraries” next choose “Pictures.” Now double-click on the “Screenshots” folder which is automatically be generated when you capture the screenshot.