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How to Sync Yahoo Mail?: Essential Tips and Tricks

Business owners prefer to use MS office programs to fulfill their business requirements which include Outlook mail. This facilitates to manage various business emails. Moreover, the business enterprises also maintain personal email IDs through a web-based client such as Yahoo mail. Instead of keeping both Yahoo mail and Outlook open at the same time, it is quite easier to sync both of them. However, if you are not a technically sound person, you might not be able to sync Outlook with Yahoo Mail. Moreover, at times, you fail may even to access your Yahoo mail in an android device. Sometimes, it becomes a challenging task to get out of the mess. At this stage, it becomes important to learn how to sync Yahoo mail with proper guidance. In this article, we have come up with some of the best tricks whereby you can sync Yahoo mail without struggling much. Go through the guide and follow the instructions carefully.

Amazing Tips to Sync Yahoo mail in Android

Most of the smartphone users prefer their Android device to access their mail accounts as it proves to be a convenient pathway to send and receive emails from any corner of the world. Thus, it is important to sync your mail accounts to your Android phone. The setup of Yahoo Mail on Android is facilitated by the operating system you are using. Further, as long as you don’t forget the password and the email address, you can easily sync it within few seconds. Go through the instructions in detail if you want to learn how to sync Yahoo mail with Android.

Step 1: Open the Accounts and Sync

In order to begin the process, you need to open the Settings on your Android device. After that, search for the option ‘Accounts and Sync’, which is located in the Personal section.

Step 2: Add Another Account to Android

In the next step, you will find all the existing accounts, along with the Sync settings, on your Android gadget. Here, you can click on the Add Account button, in order to create a new account.

Step 3: Input the Yahoo account Credentials

In this step, you need to enter your complete mail address along with the password. You will find two additional options below viz, ‘Show Password’ and ‘Send email from this account by default’. If you find it difficult to input the correct password, you can view it to ensure that you have typed it correctly. At the bottom of the setup page, you will find two buttons. One is for the Manual set up and the other button is for the Automatic email set up. You can simply press the button as per your choice and proceed with the next option.

Once, you are done with the successful implementation of the steps mentioned above, you can follow the next methods accordingly.

Step 4: Verify and Edit the Yahoo Email Account Settings

In this step,  you will get to see how Android optimize the settings along with the subsequent options for your Yahoo mail account. Generally, you do not need to make any changes here. In case you are an advanced user, you can edit the settings accordingly to cater to your specific requirements.

Step 5: Give a Suitable name to your Yahoo Mail Account

This step is the last one to add to your Yahoo account. You can set a preferred name for your Yahoo mail, so that, it becomes easier for you to identify it in the future. This proves helpful particularly when you have multiple email accounts enabled in your Android device. If you don’t change the name, it becomes difficult to switch between email accounts.

If you execute the steps as directed, you can resolve the doubts regarding how to sync Yahoo mail with Android.

How to Sync Yahoo Mail with Outlook?

If you use both Yahoo mail and Outlook to access your personal and business emails, it becomes difficult to operate both the accounts at the same time. Hence, it is feasible to sync your Yahoo mail with Outlook. By doing this, you can check emails from both the accounts through a single application. Read on to learn how to sync Yahoo mail with Outlook.

At first, go ahead and open MS Outlook. Thereafter, click on the option File and then, select Account Information. Then, you will find the option Add Account. Click on it. After that, you need to type your name, the Yahoo email address followed by the password in the respective field. Then, click on Next. Once you have completed the steps, Outlook will start to sync your Yahoo mail account into it.

If you have implemented the instructions successfully and still not receiving Yahoo emails on Outlook, verify whether the POP is enabled in your Yahoo account. You will find this in the ‘Mail Option’ category.

How to sync Yahoo Mail in Windows 10?

Although Windows 10 is one of the most compatible operating platforms, still you might face difficulties while using your Yahoo mail in Windows 10. At times, Windows 10 might fail to support Yahoo Mail app and you will no longer be able to access your emails through the app. At times, you might even receive an error notification saying “Mail app can’t sync with Yahoo email”. This error particularly refers to the security protocol being used by the Yahoo mail app. In order to fix this problem, you can proceed to install the Windows 10 Creators update. Microsoft has recently added this feature to support Yahoo mails.

To install the Creators update, go to the official website and search for this particular software. Once you locate it, click on the Update Now button. However, if you still face problems even after downloading and installing the update, you can activate the two-step verification and create a password for the app.

Create Two-step Verification and an App Password

To begin with, activate the two-step verification feature in your Yahoo mail account. It will ask you to enter the phone number associated with your account. After that, you need to create a password for the app. In the navigation pane, located to the left of the Mail app, click on Yahoo account and subsequently on Account Settings. Now, input the new password created in step 2. As an alternative solution, you can access the Mail app temporarily, by altering the security settings. These are proven steps that will help you to know how to sync Yahoo mail with Windows 10 without any difficulty.

Hopefully, the steps mentioned above will resolve you regarding Yahoo sync. For further clarification, you can definitely post your comments. We will try to keep you updated with every fixes possible to resolve Yahoo glitches.