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How To Solve The “Tenda Router Not Working” Issue?

Wifi routers are really complicated devices. Though they are hugely beneficial when they are working fine, but when they are not, they can easily give you a bad day without the internet connectivity. They contain different types of hardware and software settings. And simple changes can affect their functionality greatly. Most of the time, users can set up their wifi router with the help of their ISP (Internet Service Provider) or with the aid of any other third party service providers. For the newbies, this is a good and convenient way of setup.

However, this also creates lots of problem for them. Due to lack of setup and technical knowledge, they are unable to detect and fix the most basic issue of their routers, which is quite a frustrating thing.

That’s why to help those users we have gathered some of the common issues of a router and their solution in our articles. But every router model and company posses different setting page layout. Hence we need to discuss on every Wifi router separately.

Today, we will look into Tenda Router and try to solve the “Tenda Router not working” issue in the simplest way possible.

Basic Reasons behind Tenda Router Not Working

In most situations, this issue primarily occurs due to incorrect software settings and misconfigurations. This thing usually happens when users try to tamper with settings without knowing about it or software and firmware updates. Apart from that, this type of workability issues also emerge due to inappropriate hardware installation.

However, all the causes of this are quite easy to solve with the help of proper solution instructions and suggestion

Some of the prime solutions and suggestions related to this issue are given in the next section.

Let’s have a look at them.

Easy Solutions for the Tenda Router Not Working Issue

There are many factors that can cause this type of issue on your Tenda routers. And as you already know that it happens due to simple router misconfigurations or internet issue. That’s why we have to check all the hardware and software setting of your Tenda Router in order to verify about the problematic sector of this issue. And then apply a suitable solution according to it.

Hardware Settings and Configuration Check-Up

The first part of the problem search and elimination mission will start from the Hardware area of your Tenda Router:

  1. First, check that is your Tenda Router is blinking light or not. If all the lights are off then it is quite possible that your Router is not getting a sufficient amount of power. Hence, make sure that it properly connected with the power brick.
  2. Now, if the light which indicates about activate internet connection is not blinking. Then that cause of this issue lies in your connection. Therefore you need to contact your internet service provider to solve this issue.
  3. After that, check the ethernet cable. If it not inserted properly then it causes the Tenda Router Not Working Issue. In order to resolve this issue connect the ethernet/LAN cable perfectly on your Tenda Router. And then check the cable thoroughly for any broken area.

If all the settings and configuration of Hardware is fully functional. Then, there is a big chance that the real cause of the issue lies in the software section of the device.

Software Settings and Configuration Check-Up

In the Software section, there are many things which can cause workability issue on your Tenda Router. Hence you need to verify every possible problematic zone one by one. And then apply solution according to it.

Some of the prime problematic zone and their solution are mentioned in the area below:

Check the Connection Status

Every issue of a router is primely connected with the settings area. That’s why you should begin your search from the Settings page:

  1. To open it first, type in the default IP address of your Tenda Router on the URL bar of a browser and hit the Enter Key. Then the Administrator page will get loaded on that browser. Feed in your Tenda Router’s login username and password there.
  2. On the Tenda Router Amistatorr page, click on the  Advanced Settings/Advanced option.
  3. There you will find the System Status/Status/Device Info on the submenu of the  Advanced Settings option. Click on that option.
  1. Now, locate the Network Status/WAN Status/WAN option. Click on it and you will find the Connection Status/Status. Select it.

In a general situation, the Tenda Router displays three connection status. Those are  Disconnected, Connecting and Connected. If your Tenda Router is showing the Connected status then the possible reason of this workability issue is your internet connection. Hence you need to contact your ISP to fix it

Now, if it shows the Connecting Status then it means that your Tenda Router still setting up and you need to wait until it finishes up. But if it shows you the Disconnected status then you have to do some manual tweaking in order to fix it up.

Modify the WAN Speed Of Your Tenda Router.

In a Disconnected status situation, the first thing you should Modify or change is your WAN Speed. And to do that you have to dive into the Router’s Administrator page:

  1. On the Administrator page first, you have to click on the  Advanced Settings/Advanced option.
  2. Then, click on the Advanced Settings option and select the WAN Speed option.
  3. Now, change your WAN speed to 10M Full-duplex or 10M Half-duplex.  Those users who are using a dual band Tenda Router, they need to select Network first, then select WAN Port, and after that the point to Speed/Duplex. Now, they have to change  WAN Interface-Speed/Duplex of their Tenda Router into 10M Full-duplex or 10M Half-duplex.

Once you have done, hit the Apply or OK button and close the page. Now, try to connect with your Tenda Router once more to check its workability.

Reset your Tenda Router

If the method mentioned in the above section is unable to solve your issue then you have to use the Reset or Factory Restore method to fix it. To perform that follow the steps given the section below:

  1. First, you have login into the Tenda Router Administrator page.
  2. There, click on the System Tools/Management/Tools from the main menu. Now, you will get the Restore to Factory Default/Restore to Default/Restore Default option. Click on it in order to reset your Tenda Router.

Apart from the software process, you can also reset your Tenda Router manually.

  1. To do that, find the Reset or RST button/hole. In most of the cases, it is situated on the back side of the router.
  2. Once you located it, hold the Reset or RST button/hole for 10 seconds While you are doing this process all the indicators of your Tenda Router will turn on and off several times. So don’t get freaked out.

Once you do that all the settings and custom configuration of your Tenda Router will set back to its default configuration/Settings. This will eliminate all the improper things which are causing the in workability issues. Now you just need to re-configure your Tenda Router with proper pieces of information. And then you can connect it with your desired device. This thing will also verify about the existence of the issue in your Tenda Router.

Change the LAN IP Address

Now, if your Tenda Router is showing the Connecting status for quite a long time, then there is a change it is suffering from IP misconfiguration. And to solve that, you need to do some manual modification in your LAN IP Address:

  1. Login into the Tenda Router Administrator page. Then click on the Advanced Settings/Advanced option.
  2. There you will get the Advanced Settings option. Click on that and then select the  LAN Settings option from the submenu.
  3. Now change the default LAN IP address of your Tenda Router into your desired one. Then hit the OK and Apply button

Once you do that, all the IP related changes you have made will get save and you can start using the Tenda Router once again. For the dual-band Tenda Router, they have to select the  Network first and then they can move onto the LAN settings.

Final Thoughts

There are more possible causes and solutions to this issue. But those require some advanced level technical knowledge. That’s why if the solution mentioned in the above sections failed to rectify this error, then contact with a pro-technical advisor.

And for more technical information keep following our future articles.