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Netgear 401 Unauthorized Error: Fix With Effective And Easy Hacks

The Netgear 401 unauthorized error is one of the most common errors which frequently appears on Netgear routers nowadays. This error code usually occurs when the user tries to access a webpage which is temporarily unable due to an invalid username or password. This error code generally comes up with one of these error messages, “HTTP Error 401- Unauthorized”,  “Authorization required”, “401 Unauthorized”. This error message is an HTTP Status code which is often customized by each website to display errors status on web browsers. Now, if you want to know how to fix Netgear 401 unauthorized error by yourself, then follow this article to know the best possible solutions.

Prime Causes of the Netgear 401 Unauthorized Error

The Netgear 401 unauthorized error can occur due to various problematic factors and some of them are given below. Have a look at them and try to match them with your situation.

  1. Wrong URL input.
  2. Inappropriate Login details.
  3. Security protocols of the Web browser.

Now, if you have identified all the potential causes of this error, then let’s have a look at its solutions.

Solution to Fix Netgear 401 Unauthorized Error

Here are some of the best ways by which you can fix Netgear 401 unauthorized error on your system. Have a look at them and try to execute them as instructed.

    1. Check the URL of the Problematic Website

Check the URL of the Problematic WebsiteThe first and foremost thing that you need to check is your typed URL. Most of the time users type the wrong URL on the search bar and that thing causes the 401 Unauthorized Error on their web browser. Now, if your URL is correct, then move on to the next solution.

     2. Type Correct Username and Password

The next problem that may cause this error in your Netgear router is an inappropriate username or password. Sometimes, Netgear users enter the wrong username or password on their admin page or website. And down the line, that thing creates the 401 Unauthorized Error on their web browser. That’s why, if you are encountering this error on your Netgear router login/ Admin page or on a login website, then double-check your username or password for mistakes. Now, if you get one, then type them again properly in order to solve this error smoothly.

    3. Try Different Web Browsers

Try Different Web Browsers

In certain situations, the Admin page of Netgear routers is unable to open/load on specific web browsers due to log in or access restrictions. And it is quite possible, the same issue is causing this error on your web browser. That’s why, in order to solve this error, try to open the Admin page or problematic website on a different web browser.


We hope that the solutions are helpful enough to help you fix the Netgear 401 unauthorized error code. For more tech-related content, keep following our articles.