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Easy Hacks To Solve Canon Printer Error Code U052

Nowadays, Canon printers are very widely used. These printers can access the professional database and stores files in their cloud-ready printers. Moreover, they give the fastest and the most premium results in the market. Along with its effective, cutting-edge features, it never fails to come up with periodical glitches. When the Canon printer error code U052 occurs that means the printer head is not there or it is incorrect. If you receive this error message while installing the printer head, then it might occur as a small fault with the head of the printer. Another reason for this error is, while you installed the head of the printer, the installed nut is not working properly or probably not working at all. A lot of Canon printer users can face this error message U052. But, you can solve it very easily just read the article below.

Causes of the Canon Printer Error Code U052

This error, if displays on the printer’s LED screen, it may be caused by some problems which follow:

  • If the printer head is not properly installed.
  • The printer head is probably incorrect.
  • Damage of old cartridges.

Solutions to Fix Canon Printer error U052

There are numerous solutions to fix the problem. Here we will discuss how you can fix the error code U052.

Getting the error U052 while installing the Printer Head

If you get the error message just after installing the printer head. Then, you can follow this step:

  • At first, remove the print head or the top lid of the printer. When you open the lid of the printer, the cartridge slot will automatically bring up to the middle front of the printer.
  • Then, remove the printer from the socket. And run the cleaning cycle over the printer head.
  • From the cartridges slot, remove all the ink cartridges. It will remove all the black print head and it will also remove all the inks.
  • Now, you can slowly remove the print head. Means just pull it and printer head will automatically come out.
  • After that, perform the basic cleaning cycle over the printer head.
  • Then, reinsert the printer head ink cartridge and close the top lid of the printer.
  • After that, switch on the printer.

Your reinstallation of the printer head will be done. Now, take a test print to check Canon Printer Error Code U052 is solved or not.

Getting error code U052 without installing any Printhead

  • At first, unplug the printer from the switchboard.
  • Then, open the top lid of the printer.
  • After that, install the printhead into the sliding rail appears just beside the cartridges slot.
  • Install the cartridges slot and make sure that there is no print head is installed.
  • After that, close the top lid of the printer.
  • Then, switch on the printer.

Now, try to take out a test print to check Canon Printer Error Code U052 is solved or not.

Reset the printer head

To reset the head of the printer just follow the steps below:

  • At first, make sure that the power of the printer is turned off. And open the paper output tray.
  • After that, lift the scanning unit or the cover and hold it with the help of scanning unit support. The print head will automatically move to the replacement position.
  • Then remove all the ink tanks in the following manner:
    • Firstly push the tab and try to remove the ink tabs.
    • While removing the ink tank does not touch Print Head Lock Lever.
  • Once the head tank is removed, lift the print head lock lever.
    • Before going to the next step, check the carriage area and remove the torn paper if found.
  • Insert the ink tanks in the print head (Make sure that the ink tank perfectly match to the slot. Then, press the Push mark to perfectly set it).
  • If the ink lamp lights up red, then it is perfectly inserted.
  • Gently put in the cover or the scanning unit into the original space.

Now, go for a test print to check whether the Canon Printer error code U052 is still persisting or not.

Another Solution to Fix Canon Printer error code U052

If the above solutions do not fix this problem you can follow this:

  • At first, ensure that you are inserted both color and black and white ink in the ink tank.
  • Then gently lift the print cover.
  • The print holder moves into the installation position. If the print header does not move to the installation position make sure that the power is on.
  • Raise the printer head and then, put it back to its original position.
  • At last, install the ink tanks again and close it.  

Clean the Printhead

  • Gently remove the print head and ink cartridges.
  • After that, clean the print head with a cotton bud.
  • Left it for duration of 12 minutes to dry properly.
  • Your printer will be properly cleaned. Now test that this error occurs or not.

These solutions may fix your problem permanently.


In the above article, we will discuss the Canon Printer Error Code U052. Hope this article will help you to solve this particular error. If you have any questions regarding this problem any further, you can leave comments in our comments section below.