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How To Setup Screen Mirroring Windows 10 With Ease

In the current times, Windows 10 is the most popular Operating System in terms of features and usability. There are many apps like Xbox Apps, Game Mode, Night Mode, etc, which gives users a lot of option and use case scenario. Many users thought that those apps are very hard to use, therefore, they don’t give those apps a chance to work. To some extent this is true.

Today we are going to discuss one of such feature of Windows 10 which is very useful and crucial for a system. And the name of that app is “Mirror Screen Apps”. So, let’s take a look at the setup procedure for screen mirroring Windows 10.

What Is Miracast Windows 10?

“Miracast” is the name of a streaming protocol that helps users to mirror their Windows system or any android devices’ screen to a “Miracast” supported monitor or projector. But keep it in mind that “Miracast” is quite a tricky feature. For this, many users try to avoid it.

How To Cast Screen Mirroring Windows 10 On The TV (Wired Connection)

Before doing anything, first, check the monitor or projector that you are going to use. Every monitor doesn’t contain inbuilt Miracast protocol supported hardware. If the monitor has it, then you can connect the HDMI cable between the system and projector. If it doesn’t, then you need to buy a Miracast compatible receiver with the monitor or projector and then connect it with your system.

Inside the OS, the first thing you need to do is open Setting. There you need to click on the “Device” option. On the “Device” option’s page, you will find the “Connected Devices” option on the left side. Click on that option. Now, you need to click on the “Add a Device” option. Then, it will show you the name of the devices you want to connect with. Just click on the name and you are good to go.

If you want to disconnect it, then just click on the name of the projector or monitor and a popup will appear in front of you. On that popup, you will find the “Remove Device” option. Click on it and your work is done there.

How To Cast Screen Mirroring On The TV (Wireless Connection)

In current times, every monitor, TV or projector contains some sort of WiFi built into it. And all WiFi signal have the strength to carry out Miracast signal. But this process can take time to work. Therefore, be patient.

To start this connection, first, open the “Action Center”. This is present on the lower right corner of the desktop. There you need to find the “Connect” option and then click on it. Then, two option will roll down in front of you. There you need to click on “Projecting to this PC”. Now, a setting window will appear. There you need to select “Available Everywhere”. After that, you need to select “First time only”. This will help you stay secure and safe from WiFi thieves. Windows will notify you about the device that you want to connect. There you need to click on “Yes” option. This will connect both the system. So now, your system can begin its work.

How To Cast Screen Mirroring On Another Windows 10 System

At first, you need to open the “Action Center”. On that page, you will need to click on the “Connect Option”. Now, there you need to select the name of “Receiving Device”. Then, under the name of the device, you will find a box and the “Allow Input” message. Click on that box. Then, click on the “Change projection mode”. That will expand itself and display a lot of options. From those options, you need to click on “Extent”. After that, check if the connection is established and you are good to go.

Now, if you want to disconnect that connection then you just need to go back to the connected system and under it, you will find the “Disconnect” option. Click on that and the connection will get terminated.


We hope you got plenty of information regarding the screen mirroring and casting them on different types of platforms with different mediums of connections.