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PS3 Controller Windows 10 : Set It Up In An Instant

Sony has been the leaders in the field of gaming since years. The PlayStation has been developed by the company. One of the leading PlayStations that is much popular over the years among the gamers is the PS3. However, with the advancement of technology, PlayStation 3 would also be replaced with the more upgraded consoles but as of now, PS3 is quite a trending gaming consoles. However, due to the complicated configuration, certain questions are there that trouble the users. One such troublesome issue is PS3 Controller Windows 10.

However, proceeding with the article is going to provide you with some essential guides that can resolve every query with PS3. Read the article and fix the issues on your own.

How To Use a PS3 Controller On PC?

There are some solutions which you can apply to have a perfect configuration of PS3. Simply, initiate the first method and work your way down the list till you complete a proper and efficient fix for your device. To have a trouble-free fix for your device, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Update Drivers And Net Structure

Update Drivers And Net StructureFirstly, use the USB cable to connect the PlayStation controller to the PC. Once you connect, the Windows will automatically begin to install a set of drivers. Now, open the Command Prompt and view the currently installed drivers by typing ‘Driver Query’.

Ensure that you are having the Visual C++, Net Framework 4.0 and the official Xbox 360 PC driver before cooping up with the guide above. Also if you are the user having Windows 10, then ensure there is an auto installation of the Xbox driver. If you have an older version, then you must download it manually.

Step 2: Download And Install the Drivers Manually

In order to download the drivers manually, go to the official website and click on the green link. It will help you to install the latest driver. If your computer has an older version then you need to have to extract it from the zip.  Now, after the extracting process is over, launch all the executable files.

Once the installation process is over, open the programs and install additional drivers. Proceed ahead and run the installer and once the installation is complete a new Windows will surely open. Check stock of all the receptacles including the Force driver installation.

You will find that all the necessary files get installed. However, Xbox is the main console of the Play Station. Moreover, it authorizes drivers to communicate with the PS3 controller.

Step 3: Creating a Profile

Creating a ProfileYou can download the ScpToolKit manually from the official websites that will be much beneficial in creating the configuration correctly. However, if you are creating a profile then you need to do do the following:

  • You can create custom button mappings that is much beneficial to work with the Profile Manager.  Also, this facility is available for keyboard and mouse, so you can try and create the mappings for the devices easily with few minutes.
  • If you want to fine tune of your thumbstick sensitivity, controller latency, LED display along with other advancing settings, then using the Settings Manager is the best one for these purposes.

Troubleshooting Measures For Windows 10:

Troubleshooting Measures For Windows 10Windows 10 radically supports every controller and furthermore, it is pretty decent and stable with each of them. Basically, the Microsoft’s Operating System works with Xbox One accessories and the Live ecosystem. However, the problem occurs when there is an outdated version.

But it is very much helpful to have a workaround for having proper drivers. However, it sometimes becomes much important to backup certain files and folders before proceeding with the above process.  In order to have a proper PS3 Controller Windows 10, do follow these steps below:

  • Switch your PC on and start it up with the Start button. Directly view the settings option. Now, you need to update the settings via update and security option. You need to select the recovery option from the list that is present on the left-hand side. Now, proceed with the Advanced restart.
  • Now the booting process will start, so you need to wait until the process goes on. This will allow users to alter the startup settings and the firmware. It will allow you to directly bypass the driver signature enforcement. From the resulting list of options select the troubleshoot option.
  • Once you proceed with the Advanced settings, another restart will occur. Again there will be a booting of the system. You will get some another set of options from which you have to choose the next step.
  • Utterly, incapacitate the driver signature enforcement and press the F7 key. This will reboot the computer once more and it will be the last one. Once the process of rebooting is over, move on the above processes.

Hope the following solutions recover the issue with  PS3 Controller Windows 10. Hope this article was helpful in resolving your queries. Also, you can share your views and comments in order to make our services better.