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How To Setup Or Reset The Belkin Range Extender: Class Apart Solutions

Belkin is one of the most renowned companies dealing with connectivity devices. It designs routers that are in high demand due to its cost-effectiveness and high-quality performance. However, Belkin Range Extender are devices that act as a repeater for router broadcast signal.

Although it is trendy, you may fetch technical issues while setting up or resetting your router. How to setup or reset the Belkin Range Extender is a major concern among users nowadays.

You may come across some of the common issues that Belkin Wifi Range Extender users come across quite often. Go through the list to see if you find them helpful.

Issues You Might Face With Belkin Router Range Extender

  • Limited data access issues.
  • Invalid password and router name.
  • Setting the security of the SSID not adequately done.

Many other issues might trouble you and it is not possible to discuss every issue with your networking device. So it is better to take assistance from an expert if you are facing any problem other than the ones mentioned above.

Generic Solutions To Setup Belkin Range Extender

Are you tired of the constant problems? Your search ends here as we provide all the necessary solutions to effectively perform Belkin setup and extender problems on your own.

  • The first and primary step that you must follow is to plug-in the range extender to a working and stable power outlet. These will let you have a proper router’s range.
  • Now ensure that you are working with a Wi-Fi enabled device to connect with the range extender to set up a network. Before moving ahead, wait for a while to allow the device to communicate with the Belkin setup network.
  • In the address bar, launch your browser and then enter “http://belkin.range”. Next click on the ‘Go’ button.
  • Let the page open and click on ‘Get Started’ Icon. After this, it will further search for the router’s SSID.  
  • The final step is where you need to decide the wireless network which they wish to extend. Now your setup is done. Click on ‘Next’ to complete the process.

However, if you are not technically proficient, then you might follow the below section in order to get a detailed description of the process.

Elaborated Ways On How To Reset The Belkin Range Extender

So, here are the elaborated steps that will give you a complete idea on the same.

Leave Your Range Extender Powered ON

  • On the back of the router, find the Circular button and click on the Reset option. Now press the Reset button by using a pin or paperclip.
  • Hold down the Reset button for at least 10 seconds and then release it.
  • You need to wait for a minute to have a full reboot and then restore the factory settings.
  • Lastly, Restart and Reset the Belkin Range Extender

How To Setup Belkin Range Extender

In order to set up the Belkin range extender go through the following points.

Installing Belkin Range Extender

  • Restart the computer by plugging in the range extender to the power socket.
  • As the system reboots, you will find a network by a name of Belkin setup. Simply connect with it.
  • After this process, open the browser and you will automatically reach the Belkin Extender Setup Page.
  • Select the Wireless Network Name and type the Password by following all the on-screen instructions and then hit ‘Next’.
  • You can place the router at any place once the extender is well configured. This will allow you to get Extended Network at home or at any workplace. In case this method does not work for you, then follow the next setup process.

Setup Belkin Range Extender Using WPS

In order to set up Belkin range extender using the WPS, press and hold the WPS button for at least 5 seconds that is on the Belkin Range Extender. Now you will see the flashing lights on by looking at the extender light. Do not forget to release the key. Within two minutes of initiating WPS on the extender, press and hold the WPS button on the home router. You will find that there is an automatic configuration between the two devices.  

After this again plug in the Belkin range extender inside the power outlet. In order to browse the available networks, use mobile devices or computer and then select the Belkin setup from the list that appears. After this launch the Web browser and simply navigate to the Belkin router page. On the Belkin setup Web page, click on the ‘Get Started’ option.

From the list of available networks, select the general WiFi name. Once you are prompted, enter the WiFi network’s password and after that select Next. Once again select the WiFi network band and then click on the Next button and then click on the Extended Network option. Now, you can easily use it and get a new username and password from the range extender.

Alternative Way To Setup WPS Pin

By pressing the WPS key, you can also setup the Belkin range extender. Before you move on, ensure whether your device supports it. On the product label, you are going to get the PIN that is on the back or bottom of the router. Or else you are going to get this within the router’s configuration utility.

Although this key varies according to the manufacturer and the model, however, for more information, you need to refer to the product’s documentation. For this, navigate to the Belkin web page by launching the Web browser on mobile device or computer.  After this, under the Extended Network settings, click on the option ‘Wi-Fi Protected’. In the ‘Enter Client Device PIN’ field, enter the device PIN. Lastly, in order to complete the configuration, click on ‘Enroll’.  

Final Remarks

Here we have provided possible solutions regarding How to setup or reset the Belkin Range Extender. Surely you can fix this problem by going through these solutions. Still, if there is any kind of difficulty while performing Belkin extender reset you can post your feedback. You will find complete solutions in the next post.