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How To Setup Linksys E1200: Easy Troubleshooting Methods

Linksys is a famous company that manufactures network routers. It has been popular throughout the decades for its unique features within a low cost. However, users often ask about some common questions regarding Linksys routers. One such query is how to setup Linksys E1200. Go through this article and identify the problems and techniques to know the steps.

Before searching for the solutions, have a glance at the reasons why you need to learn about the setup procedure. Also, you might encounter certain issues during setting up your Linksys router. So, we came up here with the ultimate solutions that are going to guide you effectively. You can also change the settings accordingly both manually or automatically.

Easy Guide On How To Setup Linksys E1200

In order to set up your Linksys router, you can try these three steps and mitigate all your worries.

Step #1: Make Appropriate Connections

The first thing that you must check is the connection. This is to ensure that there is a proper connection to the router. After that, retain to attach the modem to the computer and the internet port to any individual of the 4 Ethernet ports on your Linksys router.

Step #2: Begin Linksys E1200 Setup Page  

Type in the address bar of your preferred browser and hit enter. Now, start manually changing the settings by opening the Linksys E1200 setup page. Also, remember that the default password of Linksys E1200 is Admin. If there is any obstacle in initiating the page set up by utilizing the default password, then you can attempt and use the distinct passwords that you have used previously while initial installation.

Reset the Linksys router if you are originating from the scratch and the default password is not working. On the rear side of the Linksys E1200, you will find a small Reset button. Simply press and hold the button for at least 10 seconds. After that, unplug the power by releasing the button. Again, wait for a while of 10 seconds and plug in all the devices and turn on the switch button.

Step #3: Adjust The Internet Connection Settings

Basically, you will be on the central Admin page once you inaugurate the web interface. Here, you are moving to get the Internet Connection Settings. After that, according to the ISP, change the Internet Connection Settings. If you are possessing a cable internet, then it is essential to clone the MAC address of the foremost computer. Enter the PPPoE Settings and save in order to change the connection type of the PPPoE for all DSL Internet service. As after you can change the settings you will find that the computer can easily access the Internet through Linksys E1200.

Step #4: Change Wireless Network Settings

If you want to change the Wireless Network Settings, you must change the name of the wireless network SSID. So, by changing the Security Settings, you can easily secure the Wireless network. Also, ensure that you are setting a password for your WiFi or else others might access your network.

Step #5: Connect Devices To Network

The last step that you have to perform is to connect all the wireless computers and devices to the network one by one. Complete the procedure by entering the security password after searching for the network.

Manually Resetting Linksys E1200 Firmware

Before setting up, make sure that your Linksys router is running on the latest firmware. So for this to happen, open the status tab and go to the configuration page. Now, on the status page, check for the latest firmware version. If there is an update available, then download that. Also, you have to be pretty sure that the Ethernet cable is connected to the computer while updating the firmware. Note that you should never upgrade the firmware using Wireless computer.

Directions To Reset Linksys E1200

As discussed earlier, you are going to get a small Reset button on the rear side of the router. Now, press and hold the reset button for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Unplug the power cable by releasing the reset button and also wait for at least 10 seconds. After that plug in all the power cable and wait for 30 seconds. You will find that the device automatically comes to the factory default settings once the reset process gets over. Lastly, reconfigure the device by following the above steps again.

Ending Note

So, this is the exact way by which you easily setup Linksys E1200 and can make it function properly. Thus, with the above procedures, you can easily set up the router without any further complication. You can quickly eradicate the problem, even if you are not an expert. Also, we recommend you to not to try anything new or else you may face severe problems. If the information was helpful then leave your valuable feedback on the comment section. We hope that following the article, each and every problem that you are facing will get solved at the earliest.