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How to Setup Amped Wireless Router? Simple Steps

Amped Wireless is an organization that makes and markets several wireless products like routers, range extenders for offices and home. This company is quite well known for its capability of providing the best customer satisfaction. This company has earned a lot of attention due to many unique features and options that it gives with each product. Despite having so many good and unique features. Even then, sometimes it is really difficult to use the router of this brand. So for that reason, it is good to know how to setup Amped wireless router.

Setup Process Of Amped Wireless Router:

In this section, you will get the various steps on Amped wireless setup.

  • First, you will have to find the IP address for your router under the back panel of the device or in the packaging. This IP Address will display the router configuration page. In order to enter the page, you will have to enter the default username and password. These credentials are also present on the back panel of your router.
  • After entering the configuration page, then you will see the ‘Dashboard’ page with your router settings. In that page, the options ‘Basic Settings’ is also present. You can change some of them according to your network and hit ‘Apply’ button.
  • You can also get advanced settings where there is a section to input the security feature for your router.
  • There are the basic and advanced settings for both the band channels – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  • There is a feature in some specific Amped router called the Airtime allocation. This feature helps to allocate different WiFi network speed for every connected device.
  • Under the ‘Network Settings’ option, you will get the ‘Advanced Settings’. In this settings page, you will see the common features for VPN and IGMP.
  • There is a USB Storage feature within the configuration settings page of your router. In that page, you can use a USB flash drive to be shared locally within the networked machines. This option is available as in some Amped routers, you get USB ports.
  • There is another feature Quality of Service in this router. You can use this feature to prioritize specific data traffic via the network. Either you can enable or disable this feature.

To End It:

If you do not know how to setup Amped wireless router, then follow the simple segments from above and you can able to do it on your own. But if you cannot able to do so, then provide us the query you have in the comments section below. We will rectify it in an instant.