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How To Set Windows Spotlight Wallpapers With Easy Hacks

The spotlight is a new extension of Windows which helps to download pictures and advertisements through the browsers. It becomes active when the lock screen is being shown on the running screen of the system. To set the Spotlight wallpaper in the locked screen is too complicated for the non-tech savvy person. However, this article will help you out to fix the Windows Spotlight wallpaper easily.

How To Operate Spotlight Applications With Easy Techniques

To work with the Spotlight app, you need to go through some of the steps one by one. Otherwise, the incomplete installation creates the problem to access the contents on your system using this app. So, first, download the images through this app, then find out the application and save the images according to the users’ requirements.

Download Images Via Spotlight App

First, press Windows key to open the Start menu and find the menu, “Microsoft Store”. Now, in the Microsoft Store App, in the search field type, “SpotBright” to find the app easily. Click on “Get” from that “SpotBright ” app page and download it. After that, click on “Launch” to open the app. Then, choose the option, “Search Pictures” to locate the latest picture which you want to download.

It will show you all the images available for downloading. Similarly, at the Home screen, you have to click on the option, “Download [No of images] new picturesto see the list of the pictures found by the search option to download. Finally, select, “Open download location” to set the download location. Therefore, the downloaded Spotlight photos will appear on that specific location fixed by the users.

Locate The Spotlight

Open the File Explorer window by pressing the “File Explorer” icon and locate the “Assets” folder from the window. You can either type or copy and paste them in the address bar. “%LocalAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\Assets”.

If you are unable to use the above command, then you may try with the following process. First, go to the ‘C’ drive and open the username folder. In the username folder, click on the “View” tab and tick the checkbox, “Hidden items”. It will display the AppData folder and click into it. Inside the folder, you will get another folder named, “Local”. Under this folder, you need to locate “Packages” folder and “Microsoft. Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewyfolder respectively. Finally, go to the option, “LocalState” and click on the “Assets” folder.

Enable Of Spotlight

Click the Start button and choose the option, “settings” from the left pane of the Start menu. After that, in the Settings window, chose the option, “Personalization” to go directly to the Personalization window. Now, in that window, you need to select the tab, “Lock Screen” and then choose the option, “Windows Spotlight” from the drop-down menu. While you turn on the Spotlight for the first time, it will take a few times along multiple restarts. It helps to store some of the items into the cache.

Save Spotlight Images

You can see all the images through this app but the problem is that all look like long-winded unreadable files. You may receive a warning message like below if you want to right click and copy. Finally, click on the “OK” button to proceed with the process.

Therefore, you need to create a new folder and copy the spotlight photos into that folder. Now, all the images should be changed into a ‘.jpg’ format sequentially one by one in the File Explorer. Then, click on the “Start” button and open the “Command Prompt” window. After that, rename the folder with the “.jpg” as “ren * *.jpg” and save it by pressing the “Enter” button. Finally, modify the “View settings” to large icons.

We hope the above steps will be effective to handle the Spotlight app with ease. Moreover, it helps to fix the common Spotlight image problem without corrupting the other Apps and system files in the disk. However, this article will assist both of the technical and the non-tech savvy person to avoid Spotlight error effectively.