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How To: Set Shutdown Timer In Windows 10 [Ultimate Guide]

When you have no option but to leave your computer screen on while downloading something, then you should set a shutdown timer in Windows 10 PC. in case, you are not aware of how to do so, this article will give you a complete guide to set a shutdown timer in Windows 10 successfully. Let’s get started.

Methods To Set Shutdown Timer In Windows 10

Well, if you are not much acquainted with technicalities, there is nothing to panic. We are going to discuss everything in a simplified manner. Hence, follow the steps carefully to avoid mishaps.

By Using Run Dialog Box

Set Shutdown Timer In Windows 10 By Using Run Dialog Box

  1.  First of all, open the Run Dialog Box by using the Win+R key combination
  2. Here, you have to type ‘shutdown -s -t number’, such as ‘shutdown -s -t 2400’ and then press OK.

Note: The number in the command which you have entered is the time in seconds. 2400 means 2400 seconds. You can set the time as per your need.

By Using The Command Prompt

Set Shutdown Timer In Windows 10 By Using The Command Prompt

  1. To open Command Prompt press Windows + X and then select Command Prompt.
  2.  Type the command ‘shutdown –s –t number’ and hit the Enter key.

After completing either of the above steps, a pop-up message will appear prompting that you are going to sign out of Windows 10 and at the scheduled time the computer will shut down.

By Using Task Scheduler

Set Shutdown Timer In Windows 10 By Using Task Scheduler

In comparing the previous two methods, this method is a bit complicated.

  1. First of all, open RUN dialog. Type ‘taskschd.msc’ and then press OK.
  2. When the Task Scheduler appears on the screen, hit CREATE BASIC TASK.
  3. In the NAME field, type Shutdown and then press NEXT.
  4. And then select the time if you prefer the automatic shutdown to work, then click Next.
  5. Here, set the particular time when you would like to shut down your Windows 10 automatically and then hit Next.
  6. In this stage do select ‘Start a program’ and press Next.
  7. After that click the BROWSE button. Go to ‘C:\Windows\System32’. After finding the ‘shutdown’ application file, select it and press OPEN.
  8.  Now type –s in the space behind Add arguments (Optional) and after that press Next.
  9. In this step, you just have to hit FINISH. And then the setup will start working and your Windows 10 device will automatically shut down at the time suggested by you.

At the end of this article, we hope that it has helped you to sort out your problem. Thank you for visiting us. Please state your valuable comment on this article.