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How To Set Homepage On Firefox- Get Simple Hacks

Firefox is arguably one of the most preferred web browsers available in today’s market. One of the most eye-catching features of this web browser is the Tab page. By using this tab not only users can access the websites fast but also can get suggestions for related content or pages and many more. So to avail these amenities to enhance your browsing experience. As a Firefox user need to be aware of how to set the homepage. It is a straightforward configuration and you need to follow some vital procedure.


Users can easily set their homepage according to their choice but make sure that you make your homepage a viable one. You can include emails news website or a search engine. To do so, you need to know how to set the homepage on Firefox.

Steps To Set Homepage On Firefox

In this article, we will show you how to open a webpage automatically by selecting the Home button or launch Firefox.

Enable Or Disable The Homepage

Enable Or Disable The HomepageFirst, open a webpage according to your choice as your homepage. Then Drag and place that particular tab onto the Home button located on your toolbar on the left side. After that, select Yes on the prompt and set that specific page as your home page.

Place Your Home Page With The Firefox Options

Place Your Home Page With The Firefox OptionsThere is another to way to set the Homepage by using Firefox options. For that, you need to click the menu button and select options and then go to the home panel. Once you enter the home panel, then select menu situated next to Homepage and new windows.

Create Home Page For Firefox With the Help of General Preference

If none of the above methods works, then try to use the most simple yet effective technique.  To set homepage with Firefox go to the menu and choose an option from the list. Then go to the general preferences part. In this section, the user will find a home Page field enter the link address of your choice in this window. And the changes you make will be stored automatically once the address has been entered. After completion of this step, you can close the Options menu.

Activate Startup Page By A Shortcut Key

Activate Startup Page By A Shortcut KeyOpen the Mozilla Firefox tab hold ALT-T and then click Options on the menu. Under the General window set the URL of a webpage into the section next to “Home Page”. Then tap Use current Page and set this page as your default settings. Else use the drop-down menu present beside to When Firefox Starts. After the completion of the task locate Show a Blank Page to display Black page during startup.  And click Show My Windows and Tabs from Last Time to keep track of your recent pages. Choose Ok to save the changes.

Enable The Home Page  With a Simple Text

Enable The Home Page  With a Simple Text You can also set a homepage according to your preferences with help a short command. To do so click the menu button of the Firefox. Choose the Preferences. Go to the General section search the Home page and write about:newtab on the text bar and that’s all. Now set the Firefox as the homepage on your Computer.   


To Sum Up

These are some easiest techniques to set the homepage on Firefox. So go through the process and set the homepage by yourself.